Voice of Fox Episode 3: Relying on Coincidence, Mishap and Luck

I’m just going to admit I really had fun with this episode even though realistically for a thirteen minute episode quite a bit of this was wasted time. We catch up with Hu Li trying to sneak into the venue for the whole competition thing and the whole time he was doing this, I just had to wonder why the company didn’t take pains to get him an actual pass as one of the crew or something else. It seems ridiculous to expect him to find his own way in and avoid security. And it lends itself to a lot of silly moments that just kind of eat up screen time and rely very much on coincidence and the absurd for things to work out.

Voice of Fox Episode 3

Kong Que on the other hand is a character I’m getting to dislike more and more. While I can kind of accept the whole ghost voice thing for an idol, the fact that he can’t even manage an amusing or entertaining stall is just kind of sad. He cracks so quickly under the pressure of Hu Li not being there and has no back up plan and insufficient charisma to really do anything.

Voice of Fox Episode 3
This guy is the judge and he’s asking a lot.

Naturally though, Hu Li does eventually get to the stage at least and due to a nicely timed black out (not sure whether that was the mysterious SKY or someone else who arranged it but again, good work with the coincidence) Hu Li manages to stand behind Kong Que to perform. Without the microphone or back-up music. And I must say it was a very nice performance before he quickly ran away and the lights came back on.

Voice of Fox Episode 3

So while I still am having a great time with this, the story plausibility keeps going down and while that isn’t really a problem, it also means that you just kind of end up hand waving a lot of points and so the actual ability for this story to leave a lasting impression is diminishing. Still, fun enough for thirteen minutes a week.

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