Voice of Fox Episode 2: It Isn’t Paranoia When They Are Watching

Voice of Fox Episode 2

There isn’t anything overly new here and the story plays out this week more or less as expected after the introduction last week. We learn a bit about Hu Li’s tragic back story though the specifics are still not clear giving them plenty to lean into later should they choose to. We also learn more about how he ended up in his current Ghost Singer arrangement, and could they make the company and the contract seem any creepier.

Voice of Fox Episode 2

But more than that, we see Hu Li going about his day and realise that the blue haired girl from last week knows him so I guess it is pretty easy to see how she figured out what was going on, not that she said anything but that’s neither here nor there. What is interesting is how many blue haired characters are in Hu Li’s life as he searches for his mysterious online stalker Sky. They are probably all red-herrings and the Sky person is probably a red-head but it was still plenty entertaining.


Like the first episode, this one packs a lot in and covers as much ground as most shows to in twenty minutes in twelve, which means there isn’t a lot of down time and subtlety is a little lacking. Still, it is pretty solidly entertaining and as they expand on the cast and concepts I anticipate this being a lot of fun.

Voice of Fox Episode 2

One downside this week, almost no singing. That was kind of a shame.

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