Voice of Fox Episode 1: Curiosity

Voice of Fox Episode 1

I have to admit I was curious when I read the description of this one on MAL and then the date it was said to come out came and went and I just assumed nothing I used was going to get it and moved on. Then an episode popped up on Crunchyroll. I’m kind of glad it did because while I was curious about it, I probably wouldn’t have tracked it down after the season was over so watching Voice of Fox now is probably the only way I would have ever seen it.

Voice of Fox Episode 1

I caught zero character names during this first episode but I was still pretty fascinated by the characters. Sure they do that annoying thing where they start with the protagonist at some terrible moment before we go back to see how they get there but that is swiftly forgotten as the fairly solid OP starts and we begin to get a look at the characters in the actual beginning.

Voice of Fox Episode 1

Let me just say, for 13 minutes, this first episode packs in a lot and there is almost no direct narration or exposition to get ideas across. Instead, we see the characters in action, whether that is singing, washing dishes, tripping security staff or whatever else they are doing and it all paints a picture of who these characters are and their role in the story to come. Admittedly, they do hit us with exposition at the end of the episode, but still this was a fairly solid effort and I was pretty caught up in the story.

Voice of Fox Episode 1

While I can’t say I’m totally hooked on any of the characters given I can’t even remember their names, I really liked the set up, I took the hook with the whole ‘this message started everything’ melodrama, and so far the music has been really great. I’m going to stick with this one for a bit and see how it goes.

13 thoughts on “Voice of Fox Episode 1: Curiosity

  1. Well, the artwork has caught my curiosity, at least. Will check it out to see how good if it catches my interest; doesn’t hurt to add another anime to the roster – only have two right now.

  2. So I just watched this episode….. like why are all Chinese anime so short? I think Gin no Guardian is quite notorious for that.

    1. No idea, but now that you’ve compared it to that, I just hope this one manages to come to an end rather than just kind of stopping once it hits a certain number of episodes.

    1. That will certainly be an issue. They’ve presented an intriguing premise and the characters have made me interested but if they run low on time and don’t go anywhere that could be a problem. Still, they did manage to pack a lot into the time they had in episode 1.

  3. I was thinking about picking this one up, and since it looks like I might be dropping Bloom Into You and Iroduku maybe I’ll have a spot for it. I’m still on the fence but if the music is good….

  4. I’m glad I gave it a try, too. The premise is sufficiently intriguing and the singing was very enjoyable.

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