Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 8


By far the best episode season 3 of My Hero Academia. Kapodaco and I compare our thoughts on the episode and disagree on whether there was anything wrong with the episode or not.



For an episode without a single fight, though there was definitely a punch thrown, episode 8 of My Hero Academia really managed to keep me engaged from start to finish. First we have the dramatic consequences and fall out of the previous trials on Midoriya. We knew he needed to stop breaking himself and this time around he did a fairly spectacular job of it. But the blunt way he is told that he may not be able to use his arms again if he does it even two or three more times is pretty sobering and hits the perfect amount of emotional impact.


Following on from this we have the group of kids who have decided to go after Bakugou. They are walking a very fine line choosing to justify their actions by claiming they aren’t going to fight, but to infiltrate and recover. It is sophistry at best and deep down they know it, but they can’t sit still and wait. This continues to examine the issue of what makes a hero as they try to justify it. I’m kind of glad Iida and Yaoyorozu have decided to chaperone the expedition but I still think they are all about to get themselves into massive trouble.

Finally, we see the villains talking with Bakugou. Here is where My Hero Academia directly raises the question it’s been exploring since the beginning. What is a hero anyway? Bakugou is the perfect audience for this given his ambiguous nature. He’s someone who wants to be a hero so desperately but his personality seems incredibly ill-suited to it. However, his response to their speech was pretty fantastic and while I’m desperately worried for his well-being in future episodes after that, I have to admit I loved it.


So that this isn’t just a rave of the episode, I’ll point out two things that stopped this episode from being truly amazing. The first is the narration by Midoriya. Normally I don’t mind this and it is a device that has been used since the beginning. However, mid-way through this episode when he feels the need to remind us that something big was starting, it just felt really clumsy and awkward and kind of broke the tension of the moment when we kind of already knew things were heading in a pretty big direction. The second is of course the kids playing dress up and that very brief comedic moment before the news kind of plunged them back into depression. It just wasn’t very well executed even though I do get what they were aiming for.

All and all though, I loved this episode.



Okay, hold on, missy. That dress shopping scene was great. Here I complained that the show would be forever gloomy and serious from the results of last week’s episode and the writer says, “I got you, dude!” It’s silly and stupid, but we got to see a cute side of Yaoyorozu and co. It’s a reminder that they’re still just kids when all is said and done, and they’re interested in things like fashion and coming up with emotionally-charged plans of rescues and such. I had absolutely no problem with it—I was really pretty happy they did so.


As per the rest, this episode is packed with things to digest. The stakes of Midoriya overdoing his ability. Iida going against his own development from last season and manipulating it to appease the wishes of his dear friends. The gathering of the top heroes in the world to go on what I presume to be a direct attack against the League of Villains. Bakugo showing his true intentions (for the moment). Society’s role in the dealings of heroes (“Is society just?”). U.A.’s status in society and the weight of their responsibility amidst repeated villainous incidents. And among all these little trinkets that one could glaze over without realizing it. The underlying intricacy to this episode is phenomenal, and if one doesn’t find it overbloated, they’d be hard-pressed not to find this episode thoroughly entertaining.


I’ll go ahead and make a semi-bold statement: there was nothing wrong with this episode. I thought everything was handled exceptionally well and everything had the appropriate amount of impact behind the words being said by characters and the ideals being stated by both sides. There is so much to look forward to from this point that the series could take any number of branched paths and still be successful, even if they answered only one of the many things they’re trying to build up to. I’m excited for the consequences of Bakugo’s actions, I’m excited for Midoriya’s party’s plan, and I’m excited to see what the gathering of the top heroes will amount to in what will likely be the near future.

This isn’t just the best episode of season three, this is among the best episodes this series has ever had. Should I rate episodes individually, this would be an easy 10/10.


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    1. Personally, I’d prefer you reviewed it Dabi.
      Yeah, good episode. I like it when the series world builds. Like seriously world builds and not add stuff because it directly affects the main cast only.

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