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And here it is. My Hero Academia as we remember it. Exciting, amusing, a little bit over-dramatic, but just fun to watch from start to finish. It took six episodes to get here, but season 3 seems to have finally launched. Kapodaco and I share our thoughts on Episode 6. Be sure to leave us a comment about the season so far and if you’ve missed any of our other episode reviews, check out the links below.



What can I say? It’s more of the same.

Not so much the same as this season has been putting forth, but the same quality of excitement as this series has historically been capable of in the past. Season three has finally taken a full grip of me, pulling me around an assortment of places I rarely get the pleasure of visiting. And because of this, there isn’t much to say about the episode in general that hasn’t been appreciated from seasons’ past. My Hero Academia’s third season has officially caught up.


I will say this though: called it on Bakugo. They wish to bring him up on the side of villainry, possibly to disorient the side of the heroes by having them face a friendly foe. But now they even have Tokoyami for the moment. At one point, they took blood from Ochaco, so perhaps they have a cloning mechanism handy, as well? There’s a lot of character and a lot of future prospects on the table thanks to this episode. I for one am excited for the next episode already.

If I may predict the next episode in writing, I think the villains will succeed in capturing Bakugo, but Tokoyami may be freed by a last-ditch effort from the heroes to save them. Or hey, maybe it’ll be the opposite and Tokoyami will end up the one being captured. But really, Bakugo’s more important of a character than Tokoyami. Surprisingly little perspective from the heroes currently in the care of the retreat building and Aizawa/Kota, but otherwise a generally great episode.



I have to agree with Kapodaco here, season three has finally got me hooked. This episode did what My Hero Academia has always been best at and it did it well. There were quite a number of moments I genuinely appreciated this week and the whole package of this episode was just fun and dramatic from start to finish.


One thing I loved was that when faced with the choice of help Tokoyami or allow Shoji to be a diversion so that he could go and help Bakugo, Midoriya once again demonstrated his ability to think outside the box. This was what was missing from his one on one fight with the muscle guy where he simply went for the ‘hit him harder’ approach. It also gave us one of those comically over the top moments with the boys running through the forest, pursued by Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow before they collided with the villain who was pinning down Todoroki and Bakugo.


The other thing I loved is that all the characters continued to play true even in the face of a crisis. Bakugo is still uncooperative verbally when told he is going to be protected, but doesn’t actively fight his friends. Uraraka and Tsuyu demonstrate what they’ve learned and their generally cautious personalities. Even Yaoyorozu, who has been criminally underused as a character despite an awesome quirk, demonstrated that her exam last season with Todoroki helped her find some confidence to act in a crisis with what might be a fairly important plot device for later episodes.

Basically, this episode was a ride and it very much reminded me of season 2 where I was fully immersed in the story and the characters and finished each episode just happy to have watched it. Hopefully this means this season has found its feet and we’ll continue from here.


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  1. I completely agree with what you’ve said about the characters staying true to themselves and actually showing improvements in the middle of crisis, I thought the same thing. The character development is getting there along with the series and I live. Great review.

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