Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 2


After a recap filled first episode, My Hero Academia now sends the kids to camp. How is this going to play out? Kapodaco and I share our thoughts on the episode. Be sure to share your thoughts on the episode in the comments. If you missed our first episode review, the link is at the end of the post.


A reasonably exciting episode for the super-powered teens as the long awaited Summer Training Camp finally begins with the usual UA twist of trying to kill off its students (only no one will really die, at most they will be maimed). I often wonder how the invisible girl is still alive given her quirk is incredibly ill-suited for most of the challenges they face, such as being in a landslide that sweeps them off a mountain.

However, if I felt the first episode lacked purpose, episode 2 steps things up quite a bit. The episode is book-ended by meetings between villains who are clearly plotting evil doings that will impact upon the main cast and hopefully this will be worth the build up. It would be terrible if this plot was a fizzler after all the build up it is getting. The kids themselves get time to interact as a class before being plunged into their first challenge of the camp where the main boys get to show off their moves, but then the rest of the class are given a chance to remind us that they also made it into Class A for a reason. A fun fight sequence in the forest followed by arriving at the camp facilities.


If there was any downer on this episode it would be Mineta who essentially destroys the mood of the episode just by existing. Though angsty boy who hates heroes comes a close second this episode and unfortunately it looks like next episode is going to focus on him. Seriously, if the kid wants to hate heroes, let him and move on with the plot.

That said, best moment of the episode goes to the look on Bakugou’s face after seeing the results of him throwing the ball.

While episode 1 didn’t get me really hyped for this season, episode 2 certainly feels like a return to what I enjoy about this series.


Thankfully, this week’s edition of superhero super-antics did not feature many flashbacks, but that doesn’t stop it from still feeling slightly like it’s trying to find a groove. A good portion of the first half of this episode continues a vibe of flashy non-substance through showing every hero’s quirk in action one by one, all against monsters that serve as dummies. In addition, Mineta’s pervy pursuits continue to find time to build a home in this season, serving as one of the most prominent running jokes after only two episodes. While I by no means think this series is “mature,” it at least tried to steer clear of the low-hanging fruit of the anime genre in sexual fan service.


These aren’t enough to discredit it as a definitive improvement over the first episode, thankfully. They only serve as potential weeds to an otherwise very expressive and fun show that didn’t need to resort to pandering to make it mark. The ending left me excited for the next episode and this new character in “Kota” (Gets me every time) leaves some potential for an intriguing character plotline that the third season can build off of. Perhaps a further exploration of the negative aspects of being a hero, whereas the second season more elaborated on what it meant to be a hero. The perspective of the general public praising heroes for a “heroic death” is something that has great “oomph” for dialogue and development, especially when it clashes with the idea of parenthood or a similar label.

And of course, the characters still embodied the spirited personalities many have come to know and love, though it was deterred by more plot set-up. I still love Iida and his assertiveness. I’m looking forward to seeing more situations where these characters act as a team, as the action sequences in this episode were (minimally) satisfactory with how well many worked together as if it were natural. The random fluster between Midoriya and Ochaco near the beginning (again, a reminder) was the most substantial showing of character interaction. We are still in the intro stages, so my expectations haven’t been cooled by below-par episodes. It can only get better from here. Probably. Hopefully.


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18 thoughts on “Visualist x 100!! – My Hero Academia Season Three: Episode 2

  1. I don’t like where I think the story is going. Bakuga can be Midoriya rival without having to turn to the dark side. I think my hero is going to pull a Naruto and have Bakuga join the League of Villains to become stronger.

    1. I’m really hoping it doesn’t go there. Certainly they are suggesting it will, but I’m still optimistic that maybe they’ll give us a twist and go somewhere else. Because yeah, the rival going to the dark-side would be really trite.

  2. When I hear My Hero Academia, the first thoughts that cross my mind are: “Oh My I really want more fan service!” “I wish Mineta would take center stage as the comic relief.” “I love recap episodes.”

    We’ll be right back when My Hero Parents Are Dead Episode 3 rolls over, tune in!
    Unless you live in Europe. We hate Europe.
    (Sarcasm Warning)

    1. It hasn’t been an amazing start to the third season but episode 2 seemed to at least indicate it was moving toward a plot where episode 1 was pretty much recap/filler. But yeah, fan service and Mineta have not been overly welcome in these first couple of episodes.

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