Visualist x 100!!!! – My Hero Academia Season 4: Episode 20 Review

Visualist x 100
Hero4 20e

Eri’s First Day Out

Kapodaco’s Thoughts

So, this is… still going… Are we going to end the season with this as an actual arc? That would be… something.

I have to admit: I’m starting to like Gentle and La Brava in a sort of dumb, wholesome way. They’re like the bumbling idiots who are just trying their best that you can’t help but support… with questionable motives. Almost like Team Rocket or… uh… another duo like them. I have yet to deduce what exactly Gentle wants (Attention? Fame? Bored?), as his reasoning from the last episode doesn’t really add up. Perhaps that will be explained in time; I’m not sure.

Hero4 20g

We have five episodes left in this season, and assuming this all doesn’t end next episode (I believed it would end this episode), I’m inclined to believe this “Gentle” arc is an actual arc that the author intended for people to take seriously, as opposed to just some filler fluff. That being the case, it’s an arc that reminds me of the earlier days of the series (first season specifically), only with the weight of substance of all that came afterwards. It’s interesting that the circumstances have changed the way I perceive its importance. Where the first season was fresh-faced and unpredictable, now we’re at a point where the series doesn’t seem to have anything more to say. So while the semi-aloof manner of this point kind of worked in the first season, it’s not as becoming currently.

Hero4 20d

What more can I even say? I feel like my thoughts are just going to get shorter as the season continues, with the pretense that this is all that’s left. What more can be said? “Ah, Mirio’s butt hanging out of the bush was really funny and saved the entire season!” It’s pretty by-the-numbers. I appreciated it as a cooldown segment, but an entire arc like this? Not sure I dig it.

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Karandi’s Thoughts

So we’ve gone from catching up with the class and the support characters we actually like to meandering about the school and catching up with every bit character Midoriya has previously encountered whether they are of any importance or not? In the grand scheme of this season calling this arc padded seems fairly pointless and yet most of this episode feels entirely skippable. About the only noteworthy facts are that the police wanted the festival cancelled so when it inevitably ends badly that will surely have consequences and that Midoriya has ordered a new support item from the weird girl in the support class.

Hero4 20a

Gentle and La Brava seem as underwhelming as a potential threat this week as they did last. They save their appearance for the end of the episode but really there’s nothing there worth noting. The interactions between these two characters are not that interesting and when you couple that with their plan feeling doomed to fail and not even in an interesting way there’s little reason to bother investing any thought in them.

Hero4 20h

Meanwhile class 1A are rehearsing and making tea. That’s cool but not exactly compelling viewing. 

Even Eri’s first day out ended up being a bit of a fizzle with limited interaction between Midoriya, Mirio and Eri as they moved around the school. If they’d had less input from other bit characters and more actual interaction between each other it may have been half-way interesting but honestly they really just used the visit as an excuse to take the audience on an unneeded tour of the school and side characters.

Hero4 20c

While certainly not the worst episode there’s little to really get a viewer excited here.

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4 thoughts on “Visualist x 100!!!! – My Hero Academia Season 4: Episode 20 Review

  1. Yeah, I’m feeling decidedly underwhelmed by this second half, and this episode especially felt slow and uneventful. Hopefully once Gentle and La Brava make contact with Midoriya and Co., things will pick up again, whether it goes down a hilarious comedic route or a surprisingly dramatic one. That has to happen next week, right…?

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