Vatican Miracle Examiner Episodes 2 + 3: Rush, Rush, Rush.


Review Episode 2:

There’s a few key elements in making a good mystery but one of the most important is pacing. This is where Vatican Miracle Examiner is getting it very wrong. In a show dripping with atmosphere and disturbing imagery all set within the confines of the Catholic Church, you would think they’d be able to build some decent tension and draw you into the mystery at hand.


However, like with episode 1, this show is determined to pack everything it possibly can into its story and you have plot elements piling up on top of others to the point where you’ve barely reacted to one gruesome death or revelation when another is thrust into centre stage. The end result is a somewhat underwhelming viewing experience as it seems to be going through the motions of mystery and investigation without actually asking the audience to invest in any of the events.

Review Episode 3:


In case we didn’t have enough going on in this mystery we now have nazis, drug trafficking and sexual assault. There comes a point where you aren’t making things more mysterious but simply cluttering things up. It was quite hard to even remember that they were initially sent to investigate an apparent immaculate conception though they do at least remind us of that mid-episode before we launch into yet more potential supernatural hijinks that will probably be explained away.


Actually, the thing that bothered me more this episode was Robert’s existence. Hiraga is pretty much doing all the actual mystery solving, and what he doesn’t know his internet contact fills him in on, so Robert’s skills seem pretty superfluous to the story at this point. Essentially just allowing someone to be on screen when Hiraga makes his next leap in logic so that he can explain it to the audience.

In case it wasn’t fairly clear, I’m not overly impressed with this as a mystery or just a story. That said, I’m also not hating it and still think the setting has potential so I’m sticking with it and hoping for something interesting.

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Miracle Examiner Episodes 2 + 3: Rush, Rush, Rush.

  1. I actually hadn’t noticed Roberto’s uselessness…..he at least attempted to protect Hiraga at one point?

    I’m also not super into the show but it has a unique tone compared to the other shows I’m watching so it’s a nice contrast.

    Let’s see what case they come up with next.

    1. I agree about the unique tone which is the one reason I’m not considering dropping it. Still, for a show that could have been potentially really interesting, it is doing a lot to kill that interest.

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