Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 9: Somehow a Decapitating Clown Just Doesn’t Sound Scary



And here we go again with yet another mystery. This time Hiraga and Roberto find themselves in a small village where a magic horn plays before people see rainbow coloured lights every single day. There’s also potentially a killer clown in the forest behind the church and for reasons that will never make sense everyone gets locked in their rooms at night (as Roberto points out, that’s just a fire hazard).


I think my issue with these mysteries is very simply that they try to do too much. Every  time they go to investigate one thing, there’s about four other things going on that somehow all end up relating. Just once it would be nice for the miracle to be pretty straight forward but then there just be a separate story that they stumble upon while they are there.


Not to mention, if people keep dying when these two show up, eventually they are going to stop being let in to new places.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 9: Somehow a Decapitating Clown Just Doesn’t Sound Scary

  1. I’ve given up on this being a good show and just watch it for the bombastic factor. It’s total popcorn material if I just wait to see how ridiculous it can get next.

    1. I feel it has at least improved since mystery one because nothing has been quite as ridiculous as Hitler clones, but yeah, this show could have been something really great and instead is just a packed mess of ideas that aren’t being delivered particularly well.

    1. Convoluted about sums up most of the stories in this show so far. Which is kind of a shame because if they kept it simple there’s some interesting ideas.

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