Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 8: The Truth is Revealed (Kind Of)



I’m in two minds about this episode. This was a much more satisfying conclusion to a mystery than the first mystery presented in Vatican Miracle Examiner where they decided to go for Hitler clones as their solution. I liked that Roberto got to take centre stage (quite literally) in rationally explaining away each prophesy. That was fairly satisfying to watch.


But I less liked that Hiraga pretended to disagree with Roberto, that they then had to link the mystery to Roberto’s tragic childhood, the unnecessarily loose ends that they left hanging, and even the final resolution where both Roberto and Hiraga offer to quit being examiners to atone for stuffing up when technically they didn’t. Admittedly, debunking a prophesy and a sainthood on camera in front of a large audience is probably not part of their standard operating procedure either.


So yeah, some good stuff this episode. Certainly a better ending to this mystery than the last, but I’m still not sold on this show overall.

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