Vatican Miracle Examiner Episodes 4 + 5: Not One Original Thought


Review Episode 4:

Right, so this show just kept piling mystery upon mystery in the first three episodes, hitting almost every cliché about Catholicism that it could in the process and then we get to episode 4 which technically resolves this arc. Yep, virgin birth is actually artificial insemination using Hitler’s sperm because… well, my theory is that this story was written by a teenager who is overly impressed at their own cleverness and of course Hitler was evil so why wouldn’t he be at the centre of all of this mess.


So yeah, not impressed with how this wrapped up, but not surprised either given the past three episodes. I’m guessing they’ll start a new case in episode 5 and I’m still kind of tossing up whether I’ll bother. I don’t really care about either of the examiners and they’ve given me no reason to. The writing in this mystery was pretty ordinary and the resolution was pretty immature.


About the only thing this show has going for it is it doesn’t look or feel like anything else I’m watching this season. And that isn’t saying a lot.

Review Episode 5:

This episode takes us back to how Hiragi met Lauren and how they built up their relationship (also, how that weird game mentioned briefly in the first arc factors in).


During their game they discuss an unsolved case of a man who was given 1000 wishes and I kind of enjoyed the story as it unfolded. It wasn’t as cluttered or as desperate to show off as the previous mystery. The fact that it remains unsolved is neither here nor there as it really is just aiming to make you think and that it does quite well.


Still, the very nature of this episode plays into my initial though of why does he even have a partner for his examinations. Other than a gush at the end of the episode about how good Roberto is at ironing there is no mention of him in the story and he doesn’t appear at all.

While this was a better episode, this series is really not doing so great so far. It remains watchable, it has some ideas that might be interesting, but hasn’t really done anything I could recommend at this point.

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Miracle Examiner Episodes 4 + 5: Not One Original Thought

  1. Lol that Nazi bit really sent me for a whirl XD “Are you serious?….Well, why not. You threw everything else into the mix, most plausible toss was the sound-based brainwashing, props.”

    Episode 5 was a nice change of pace, still wondering the real purpose of that bit but it could have done just as well without Hiraga narrating in fact it didn’t really need any narration. Didn’t miss Roberto one bit because of how interesting the story was albeit a little farfetched yet believable….

    1. Episode 5 was definitely an interesting change of pace and Roberto can stay missing at this point because he really didn’t contribute anything of note when he was there.

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