Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 12: Why Wasn’t the Rest of the Series This Good?



I know some people will find this episode of Vatican Miracle Examiner overly emotional trite and it would be hard to argue that point. The focus is entirely on Hiraga’s brother who is dying in a hospital full of other dying kids and we get a flash back of another boy who died to young (and happened to know Roberto because this show loves an excess of coincidence).


And in case that wasn’t enough forced drama the show throws in dead parents and visions of other dead and dying people. My consistent complaint about this show is that it always over-reaches in its mysteries and as a result the whole thing is left feeling half-baked.


Yet episode 12, with a single episode and not three or four, manages to deliver an emotionally moving and dramatic story that makes you care for the characters and question the nature of miracles. Something that not one of the other mysteries managed in all their over the top antics. If only the rest of the series had managed the tone of this episode I probably would have liked it a lot more.

I’ll get around to a series review of this soon.

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Miracle Examiner Episode 12: Why Wasn’t the Rest of the Series This Good?

  1. Hmm the late trend is that usually the last episode is the one that ruins the series. It is pretty strange to see a final episode give a glimpse into what the series could have been. Sounds like a real wasted opportunity to me 😔

    1. I know. Very odd for a last episode to be the one that makes you think, wow, this series could have been amazing. Still, it did make me realise how far this series had come since the first mystery which was just all over the place.

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