Val x Love Episode 4 Review


Terror Is The Best Gift

This week the girls decide they want to help Takuma relax after he bombs another mock exam (I don’t know why he thinks studying will help when clearly he knows the information but needs to work on social anxiety – for a smart person he’s really dumb) and so suggest playing tag. Only naturally this involves stealing panties, the destruction of multiple walls and a section of the roof and traumatising Takuma. All of this before giving him a gift.


Admittedly, if you are in this for the incidental gropes, this week steps it up a lot with Takuma landing on and fondling multiple girls before the scene at school where one of the girls ends up with her face splattered in cream. I’m clearly not the right audience to find that particularly entertaining but it occurs in enough anime that clearly someone finds it titillating. I’m just not sure what else the point might be.


However, it is a case of no steps forward for the story and a lot of steps back as the three girls we’ve watched get a level up in the past couple of episodes seem to be stuck where they were, Takuma having made no progress at all at getting over his issues, and a lot of the rest of the cast still indistinguishable from the furniture. To put it bluntly, episode four felt like this show has severely lost steam which is a shame because the idea of Valkyrie’s fighting akuma in our world and getting messages from their father about where they would appear could have actually been pretty entertaining, even with the ecchi foregrounding.

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Alas, other than mentioning that some of the premonitions have been wrong, and a really lame attack making it quite overt who the bad guy at the school is (if you hadn’t picked it up from the last time they blatantly told us who it was) this episode feels very empty. It isn’t helped by the show’s efforts to try to push Natsuki as kind of the main girl when she’s arguably the least interesting out of the bunch.


Hopefully the school festival will kick things up a notch, otherwise I may give up on this one as it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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