Val x Love Episode 3 Review


The Idol and The Akuma

There’s not a huge amount going on in this episode if you aren’t watching for the fan-service/ecchi moments (which I assume will be somewhat better presented on the DVD then they are here for those who want those moments). Val x Love turns its attention to the idol Mutsumi this week as she finishes working on a job and then goes on a date with Takuma.


While she’s worried about her identity being exposed in the end it is Takuma who draws attention as the rumoured Akuma. Even though we aren’t in the classroom we get another repetition of the gag of the guy so scared he jumps out a window, only this time in a cafe. I’m going to be honest, that joke got old two episodes ago and the scene change doesn’t make it make anymore sense. Nor does the assumption that Takuma did anything when clearly the guy threw himself out the window.


Fortunately after some book-shopping we get to see the guy who has been causing trouble for the group watching the date. We know he’s creepy because he does that whole tongue licking thing that all creepy bad-guys do. However, rather than attacking the pair he sends a low level akuma to pester them by revealing that the idol is there. The two flee and end up getting very cosy in a cupboard.

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I feel I liked this episode significantly less for a couple of reasons. The first is Mutsumi has a really annoying voice and hearing her as the main speaker for the majority of the episode is really grating. It is that soft and high voice that cute anime girls seem to put on and to be perfectly honest it is really irritating. Not to mention, she isn’t an interesting character. She lost her confidence after being attacked as a kid, was pressured by her sisters to become an idol for reasons, and then felt she gained confidence through the process. It just didn’t stick its landing. If we couple that with some of the expressions she pulls while pressing up against Takuma and we really have a fairly unappealing episode in general. Though, for those that like Mutsumi’s type and who are watching this for the ecchi, I imagine this episode would be a lot more interesting.


But that’s about it. No big fight or anything, just an idol hiding from her fans and kissing a guy’s chest in a cupboard in order to grow magic wings and fly away. Functionally it works and it sets up future events as the villain plots his next evil ploy, which will probably be pretty lame, but for me this was a sign that I probably won’t get to the end of the season unless there’s something else to hook me into this story soon.


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