Val x Love Episode 1


Only groping girls
can save the world.

Alright, here we have an ecchi harem comedy anime title so clearly not my usual fare. That isn’t to say I haven’t watched this sort of anime given back before streaming access was a thing I would watch whatever I could get my hands on, however when given the choice I tend to avoid these stories. Largely because it is really hard to buy into the various premises that would allow for a flock of girls to all be desperate to throw their clothes off for a single guy who is either only interested in one of the girls or not apparently interested in any of them.


Genre bias aside, I did make it to the end of this first episode and there was only one scene that really made me wonder if I was going to continue or not. Unfortunately, that scene came during an end of episode battle where the girl, in order to get a power-up strips her clothes off and has the guy grope her chest while she kisses him. Love apparently unlocks a girls’ true power (or at least a Valkyrie) and apparently being groped counts as being loved.


From a logical standpoint, I’m just not sure that any monster is going to wait around why you strip off in the middle of a fight. Though this is hardly the first anime to take the path of the girl needing the guy to grope them for a power-up mid-battle.

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So this anime has nine different girls who on the instructions of their ‘father’ have invaded the main character’s home (naturally he lives alone without parents) and are now more or less throwing themselves at him. But it is in order to save the world so it is fine. In the first episode we’ve been given a brief glimpse of their various personalities and types, had the main guy slapped unfairly as well as a trip and fall into a girls crotch, so the usual harem antics though this one is labelled as an ecchi and while the first episode was relatively tame outside of the fight scene, I somehow suspect they are going to push this side of things as the story progresses. How far they push it will definitely have an impact on how much more of this I actually watch.


For positives, I actually don’t mind the main character so far. He’s very tall and intimidating to look at but inside he’s actually pretty timid. The misunderstandings at school are exaggerated to the point of ridiculous as are the general reactions of passersby, but all and all he has so far been decent enough as a lead.


The basic conflict of the girls fighting the akuma also works and at least it isn’t as though people are completely oblivious to the danger going on around them even if the girls are trying to keep it under wraps. What makes this less compelling is that the characters all still go off to high school and play at being students when it largely seems totally unnecessary to their mission and to the story. I guess I’ll see how episode two goes though I’m not sure how long this one is going to stick.


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Images from: Val x Love. Dir. T Naoya. Hoods Entertainment. 2019.

5 thoughts on “Val x Love Episode 1

  1. What was the name of the show where two highschoolers got isekaid and told by the most annoying mascot ever that they had to make babies to fight… (…what? I never found out). Conception? I dropped this after only the first episode and admired your bravery as trudged through episode after episode.

    At least that was tamer than Seikon no Kwaser, with which I didn’t last 10 minutes.

    Then there’s Dakara Boku wa H Dekinai, which I dropped after about 2 episodes, but liked enough to give it another tries a few years later, only to drop it after one episode.

    My point? There are things I liked about this premier. For example, the main character’s reluctance comes across as genuine, and I’m sort of curious where this goes. But my track record with sex-power-up shows is… not so good. I’ll at least click play next episode, but I’m not sure how much further I can go.

    1. I fully get that. My track record with these kinds of shows is also not great. I usually drop them. Conception I watched through but really regretted my decision not to just drop it. Still, I didn’t hate this premier. There were a few moments I could have skipped but honestly it wasn’t that bad. Still, I’m not holding out a huge amount of hope for this one.

  2. I find that more and more I’m using other bloggers as canaries in coal mines for new anime. If you have doubts about something and I find I have similar things I’d be concerned about, I’ll let you choke on the dust and keep my own lungs clean. If the air clears for you. It is probably safe for me.

    It is a most worthy service you perform!

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