UQ Holder Series Review – Well, I Made it to the End



Tota is your usual powerless nothing in the village from the sticks but his guardian is something quite special. Their ordinary life disrupted, Tota is going to learn about fighting, magic and immortals and his ordinary life is never going to be the same.

This is a follow up to a series of OVA’s about the grandfather apparently though I hadn’t heard of them and hadn’t watched them.


This review is going to be pretty brief because basically you either like the formula UQ Holder is delivering or you don’t. Check list of things you need to like to really get into this anime:

  • All types of girls and many excuses to blow their clothes off or leave them disrobed
  • Generic protagonist that wants to be strong and protect everyone and for some reason is actually able to get strong (though may not end up protecting everyone)
  • Action sequences that go on a little bit too long and rely heavily on spectacle
  • Humour that mostly involves nudity or physicality
  • A story line that drifts from one thing to the next


I didn’t actually dislike UQ Holder at any point but it isn’t exactly something I would rush to recommend to someone. You can kind of just turn your brain off and watch Tota charge at more or less everything and power up when it is suited to the narrative for him to do so. There are some interesting bits of history and lore in the story, though having not seen or read any of the prequel material I probably missed a few things there.


Probably the worst thing about the show is that it ends with the bad guy doing a ‘I’ll get you next time’ and disappearing. So no resolution there and then the show ends the final episode on a cheap gag.


The show really plays off the fact that most of the cast can’t be killed. Fights get seriously over the top very quickly and regardless of how you slice and dice the characters you know they are just going to get back up later. There’s seldom a reason to feel any real concern.


Anyway, if you are curious, try the first episode. The first five minutes more or less tell you what sort of viewing experience you are going to have so you can make your own call. Don’t expect it to get any better or worse than its opening as consistency is one of this show’s key strengths.

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Karandi James


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9 thoughts on “UQ Holder Series Review – Well, I Made it to the End

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  6. This sounds like an absolutely terrific series that I would love to watch as of right now. In fact I’m going to drop everything and start watching this………
    Erm…no I’m not. This sounds quite horrible in fact. Sorry you had to suffer through this (well at least most of the time anyway). Not going to be adding this one, that’s for sure 😊

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