UQ Holder Episode 7: The Girl Who Cries Incompetent



This week we learn about Kirie and her particular brand of immortality (though I’m going to call this one a cheat because she isn’t immortal – she’s just able to avoid death through time travel, though I wonder if she’s actually as young as she looks or if there is something else going on). Anyway, we learn about a guy named Fate something-or-other and that he is after Tota so after many resets Kirie manages to convince Tota to follow her plan and they all get ready to capture Fate. And it goes about as well as expected even though we haven’t actually seen the outcome yet it is more or less a given that this is all going to go to hell very quickly.


Tota is an idiot. That has been clearly and repeatedly established, though he’s the kind of idiot that isn’t overly annoying so we’ll just move on. There is however a clear difference between being an idiot and being incompetent and if you ask me the label of incompetent belongs to the time traveller who gets herself killed nine times before she even manages to execute a plan, and to be honest the plan is pretty rubbish even before we find out why it isn’t going to work. It was never going to work.


So basically this episode is set up and laying ground work for a fight that may or may not be over quickly next week. My money is may not because as much as it looks like Tota and the group should be toast, they’ll probably surprise us with some resistance and maybe they’ll even get to run away. I’m betting on them getting a severe beating and Tota being taken though. Better plot progression if that happens.

The question then becomes why on earth would anyone want to kidnap Tota. The guy is an idiot. An immortal, part vampire, possessing some bizarre power… but still an idiot.

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Karandi James.


13 thoughts on “UQ Holder Episode 7: The Girl Who Cries Incompetent

  1. I didn’t even recognized Kirie at first because of her blonde hair.

    And Tota’s not just an idiot, he’s a Tota(l) Idiot! Okay, I’ll see myself out.

  2. So wait how does time travel keep her alive? Like she reverts to a previous time after dying, or she has to go back in time before she actually dies?

    1. Kirie sets savepoints and can actively choose to return to specific ones should she die. It’s comparable to Dark Souls or other such video games. As a tangent, another immortal at UQ Holder also has video game mechanics with extra lives (that apparently replenish if he does good deeds, but that’s according to the manga and won’t be brought up in the anime).

      That being said, Kirie can bring back other people should they be touching her when she dies. The plan that Karandi predicts will go poorly is that she touches Fate and then commits suicide, which allows everyone touching her to end up in a cave underneath the UQ Holder base which isn’t easy to escape from.

      It’s uncertain whether or not Kirie is truly going back in time or if she’s jumping to an alternate universe and respawning at the same place and time she established her save point. The second point was brought up by the golden haired male (Ikkuu, who is a cyborg) when he asked if Kirie could bring him along so he doesn’t have to live in a universe where Kirie has died. The bit about alternative universes have merit that probably won’t get addressed in the anime, but it’s probably easier to just say she goes back in time when she dies.

        1. Ah, I personally think UQ Holder isn’t doing great, but there are definitely worse seasonal titles out there right now.

          The struggle to make time for shows is tough!

  3. The track record for the pervert-with-an-eyepatch against immortals is pretty bad if you exclude Kirie’s resets!

    The next episode should be very interesting given your predictions!

    1. Yes we’ll see if I have any clue or if the show decides to go an entirely different direction. I’m not really sure why I continue watching this. I don’t dislike it but I don’t much like it either so speculation is kind of my favourite part of it now.

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