UQ Holder Episode 6: Surprisingly Sweet



Early on in this episode I kind of had one of those moments where your stomach just kind of flops as you realise that things are about to go downhill. The revelation the Kuromaru is neither male or female and has a choice and probably has a crush on Tota just opened up a whole range of really distasteful scenarios that I didn’t really want to sit through. And, it isn’t that I was trying to run this show down, it is just that given they sneezed girls’ clothes off earlier in the show and haven’t shied away from bath scenes and random clothing destruction, this fear was kind of grounded on precedent.


Surprisingly enough though, the show actually treats this scenario mostly decently and we end up with a relatively sweet date sequence between the two characters with Kuromaru pretending to be a female cousin. The fight sequence in the second part of the episode was also pretty entertaining.


So while this episode didn’t blow my socks off, I was pretty happy with how it went and this show continues to be pretty decent to watch even though it isn’t exactly amazing.

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