UQ Holder Episode 5: More Secrets



The fight from last week continues and naturally they both get in over their heads until the orphan boy comes back to defend them. I don’t know why so many writers think this is a good idea for a scenario. The two super powered immortals just got totally wiped out (one sealed and one literally cut in two and pinned to the ground) and yet the totally powerless boy will somehow think it is smart to run into the middle of that fight. More importantly, immediately after, both the previously incapacitated heroes will suddenly be able to move/fight again. Really?


I guess it is one of those things where we’re supposed to just accept that their determination and will power allowed them to overcome reality but to be honest it always seems like a bit of a cheat.


That said, the fight between Tota and the werewolf is pretty cool and for once Tota actually came off as kind of cool. He did demolish an entire building in an arm wrestle though but that was quite a bit of growth for his character in a short space of time. However, just in case we were thinking he’d grown up the final sequence has him saying something stupid and being bashed into the ground for it because that is apparently hilarious no matter how many times it happens.

This show remains okay. Not good or bad. It just kind of is. I would suggest a younger audience would probably have a great deal of fun with it, but the sheer amount of fanservice would make it hard to recommend to that audience so it ends up being a bit of an odd show as I’m not entirely convinced who would enjoy all parts of it.

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