UQ Holder Episode 4: Immortal but not Unstoppable



Seems like we’re finally getting to some fun with this show. The exam is over and Tota and Kuromaru are sent on their very first mission. Though Evangeline just had to raise a death flag for them (even though we know they aren’t serious given they are firstly, immortal and secondly, the main characters).


Despite that, the episode does start reasonably slowly, but once things get going they don’t stop. Even Tota’s do everything with your feet training was actually kind of fun to watch because you were kind of waiting for things to get serious.


And then the bad guys show up. We’re not really given any kind of motive for their actions other than the general some people don’t like slums so lets burn it down, but given the main group are defending an orphanage full of kids I guess they aren’t really wanting us to see the other side of this argument. Plus, the bad guys all look like bad guys. You’ve got the blind swordsman, the wolf, and of course the shadow creep.


Naturally the episode ends on a cliff hanger but I’m pretty happy with how this unfolded and am looking forward to seeing how this all gets turned around.

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