UQ Holder Episode 2: Stupid but Fun



Right, so the MA15+ rating this show was given on AnimeLab makes a lot more sense. The first episode other than the sneeze blowing girls clothes off was kind of tame (you know except that whole slicing and dicing a kid to near death thing and drinking blood – amazing what I define as tame these days) but this episode steps it up a notch with nudity (cartoonishly censored) and yet more violence (new kid gets hand through chest – good thing apparently no one we’ve met yet can die).


If I’m honest, I had a lot of fun watching. It isn’t well written with stuff just kind of happening and characters neglecting to mention important things and then just throwing it in as a by-the-way. The main character is seriously irritating in that he just ignores questions he should ask, forgets about important things, and doesn’t concern himself with other matters; he’s also hopelessly naive and optimistic about things and I’m pretty sure would walk up to a flaming dragon and ask to be friends with some expectation that the situation would end well.


Still, there is something stupidly charming about how this show just kind of knows exactly what it is and it isn’t trying to dress it up or cover over it. I’m torn in that the logical side of my brain kept picking the plot and characters to pieces where the rest of me just wanted to laugh at some of the antics. I think the laughing side is winning because I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what this does for episode 3.


There’s still the potential for me to drop this. I’m not exactly caring what the whole UQ Holder thing is or anything else to do with the plot. However, if it manages to remain light enough this might do me for a brain break each week.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “UQ Holder Episode 2: Stupid but Fun

  1. It all feels very nostalgic. And outdated. This is coming from someone who reads the manga, too.

    Some of your concerns are due to the show rearranging things (i.e. cutting things out) but others are simply due to how Touta is written, which is indeed frustrating.

    1. I think if I don’t expect much from it, this could still be pretty fun, but otherwise it just isn’t doing much from a character or story point of view so far.

  2. The face of the character in the second screenshot is proof that you should never pause a movie or a show on a talking face. Speaking of which, what does “somewhat kicked out” mean? Either you are kicked out or you are not kicked out.

    But never mind that, my actual point is that sometimes you just need to shut of your brain and enjoy some goofy, even if somewhat bad anime!

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