UQ Holder Episode 11: Backstory and Plot Contrivances



UQ Holder frantically takes us a journey down memory lane courtesy of some poorly explained magical shenanigans in this episode (mid-fight mind you) in order to hopefully plug some of the plot holes that have been threatening to undermine what might be a perfectly silly fight sequence (given it kind of starts this episode off with Negi sneezing and blowing everyone’s clothes off).


However, it isn’t entirely successful, mostly because the way the back story is revealed is almost incoherent as we jump about through generations and history with names being dropped left and right and no real context for why anything we’re seeing matters now. That, and ultimately some other random girl who is apparently asleep in a crystal on another planet appears (because somehow she’s connected to Tota through genetics and that allows physical manifestation within a mentally constructed world and somehow that makes sense) and gives the main characters a battle plan before sending them all back to the stadium where we started and finally the fight starts.

And promptly ends because that is all for the episode. Honestly, I think I would have been happier without the backstory because it hasn’t really illuminated the current threat or anything really to do with why Tota should try to stop his grandfather and it didn’t make me care any more about any of the characters. If anything, it made this messier and the whole episode just kind of lacked any kind of impact because we essentially didn’t make any progress.

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