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This is essentially a watered down version of an update I gave to patrons a few days ago.

You may have noticed I’ve been super busy recently and I haven’t been able to keep up my fairly intense, 3 post a day schedule that I maintained for the past few years. The short version is a lot of people have left where I work, new people have come in, and what threw me out over the last week was I actually was given a temporary promotion that will carry over into next year. That’s both exciting and terrifying simultaneously.

I’m really torn on that for the simple reason that I love my blog and everything I’ve done to build it up and ideally I want to spend more time blogging, not less, and more time creating content. But I would be kidding myself and lying to you if I said that was going to happen in the next six months while I’m trying out this new position. 

What this means for the blog:

Firstly, as I told patrons already, I’m pausing payments on patreon for the next six months and I’ve removed the ‘become a patron’ button from my signature. If you follow an old link my patron is still there and if you sign up, you will be charged one month up front, but as payments are paused, you won’t be charged again until I stop pausing it (at this stage I’m going to re-evaluate at June 2020 and will let patrons know before payments are resumed so they can choose to stay or go at that point).

Secondly, I’m still going to watch anime when I can and write episodic reviews, though the number of shows being covered is going to decrease for at least the next two seasons. As for other posts, when I have time I will try to write lists and features but I won’t be able to do so consistently.

At this stage, Irina and I are still hoping to work together and hopefully we’ll cover something together in the new season, but that will depend on both of our schedules as both of us have been pretty hectic lately.

I want everyone who has followed and supported the blog over the years to know that this is definitely not the end. I do intend to seriously pursue blogging, however it is likely that it won’t be for another 2 or 3 years before I can give the blog the time and attention it needs to really grow.

Thanks to all my followers and readers. Hopefully you’ll stick with me while I try to blunder my way through the next six months and find a new rhythm that works for me. There is nothing more fun than being a part of this community and discussing anime and I very much intend to find a way to make time for this to continue.


Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.

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Karandi James

39 thoughts on “Update on The Blog

  1. Hi Karandi! I’ve found work super busy for me myself and, while I have just been able to do my usual Monday posts most of the time (and even that is a stretch for me compared to your blogging prowess), I have not been active on blogging interactions AT ALL. Life gets in the way, and yours sounds both stressful and exciting at the same time. I think it is important to get a good balance for yourself so you do not burn yourself out. Take all the time you need, and go on this blog/patreon at your own pace, so it continues to be something you enjoy rather than a chore.

    Congrats on the promotion though! Hopefully all goes well 🙂

    1. I appreciate it. I’ve got a lot of reading to do over the holiday break to get myself up to speed before everything kicks off next year (not an ideal time to try to learn a new role when everyone who could answer questions has left town for good and I’m also about to go see family for a few weeks). But I think you are right in that it will be about finding a balance and I won’t know what that looks like until next year starts and I find my feet in the job.

  2. Good luck with the job! It’s good that you’re looking at things realistically for yourself. Honestly, no matter the frequency of posting, I doubt any of us are going anywhere.

  3. Hi Karandi. Yes…I am still alive, but as you have noticed in all likelyhood, I haven’t been around in quite a while. I won’t be going into details as it’s too much to tell anyway, but just suffice to say it’s not been my year.
    Anyways…as I saw this update by pure chance (I’m not really active on social media at the moment), I knew I just had to come in and say a few words at least. I have been following you now for a very long time, and I have come to know you as one of the most incredible and dedicated bloggers I have run into. But as cool and fun as blogging is, real life always manages to impact it a lot. I am very glad to hear about your promotion, and all I can say is you deserve it.
    As for your blog: I know it won’t be going anywhere. You didn’t get to 3000 plus followers, and then have everyone leaving all of a sudden when things are busy on your end. People stay because you have a blog that delivers quality. Your writing is amazing, and it only became even better when that other force of nature (whose name I will not mention but we both know it starts with I..and end with rina) joined up. All I can say is: do not worry too much. Your blog will always have a special place in the hearts of many people here on wordpress, and they all wish you the best (myself of course included). Focus on the things of your job first and foremost (and don’t worry about that either…I know you will be doing fine on that front as well).
    I’m pretty sure you will find a way to make the blog work around your busier schedule eventually. In the meantime: do what you can, and don’t overwork yourself. Take it from me: that certainly isn’t worth it.
    I’m sorry for not having been around for such a long time. As I said above, it’s not been my year, and things have been seriously hard. But I’m glad to see your blog is still here, and as good as ever. For now: good luck on getting everything to work, and please take care 😊

    1. Really good to hear from you Raistlin though I am sorry to hear that things are still rough on your end. Thanks so much for your continuous support and encouragement and I really hope 2020 treats you a bit gentler so you can get back to doing what you want to do.

      1. Thanks Karandi: I hope so too, but I definitely hope the same for you as well. It sounds like things are pretty rough for you too: Just keep believing in yourself 🙂 Pretty much am convinced you will be able to do this! 🙂

  4. Only around these parts is getting a promotion treated like bad news. In serious congrats on that promotion, it is well deserved from what I’ve seen from your work ethic. I get it, the balancing act is getting tougher but that anxious feeling does come from a place of caring and when you’ve worked towards what you’ve cared about you got this promotion and you’ve gotten this far into your blogging which I think has been a huge success. So I guess you just gotta trust it’ll work out for the best, and I wish you the best of luck.

    Oh and I guess if it ever feels that there’s too much on your plate, maybe someone could step up and become sort of a “blogging intern”. If that’s the case then I’m sure you know where you can find’em.

  5. Karandi, good luck to you in all you are juggling. And thank you for your honesty about your limits, as it’s encouraging to me (I haven’t been posting as much as I would like, either).

  6. Totally understand the hectic change in schedule throwing off blogging time. >..< Hopefully you're able to adjust soon!

    1. Will do, though I think I’m going more for a slow down then a break at this point. I’d miss anime and the community too much if I just stopped.

  7. Good luck at work! Your bosses obviously trust you enough to help them get through a tough time, and that’s a good thing!

    I think pausing your patreon is an upstanding thing to do.

    “I do intend to seriously pursue blogging, however it is likely that it won’t be for another 2 or 3 years before I can give the blog the time and attention it needs to really grow.”

    I’m relieved to see you’re thinking in the long term. That tells me you got this. I’m betting that in six months, you’ll have a ton of new ideas, and you’ll be reinvigorated.

    And your readers will appreciate you even more after an absence!

    1. Thanks Crow. I will admit, I’ve spent a lot of this week thinking things through and trying to work out what I can and can’t do and what I want to do. Hopefully I figure it all out and manage to keep things together. I really appreciate your support and vote of confidence.

  8. Oh no, that sounds good yet bad at the same time. I’m surprised that you have been able to keep up with as many things as you’ve been doing. Good luck and I hope you find a good pace that works better for you.

    1. I know. That’s exactly how I feel and my brain keeps see-sawing between ‘yay’ and ‘oh my god’ and can’t figure out whether I’m happy or anxious or what I am about all of this. But, I do not intend to walk away from the blog. I love it too much and have put too much into it at this point. I just know that I need to put it to the side for a bit while I work out other things and then I’ll figure out how to integrate blogging in with whatever I’m doing.

      1. Can I offer an ok suggestion or opinion? I think that starting with your “weekly overview” posts and then finding what you can do episodically would be the way to think about this.

        That’s probably bad though. Hmmm.

        1. I appreciate the suggestion. I think at this stage I’m brainstorming all kinds of options and once I see how things are going I’ll see which ones are practical.

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