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Yato is a character with a fairly strong fan base and after watching Noragami and then its sequel, Noragami Aragoto, it is pretty easy to see why. For a penniless character who spends a lot of time mooching off of others he’s incredibly charming, funny, as well as a character who elicits genuine sympathy once more of his story is revealed. In the context of who Yato is and what he’s gone through, his occasional bouts of silliness are fully understandable and mostly I just want to give him a hug.

I am however going to avoid major spoilers so there are some aspects of his character we just won’t be able to get into.


Starting off with his positive traits, Yato is an incredible sword fighter. Even though he’s a ‘stray god’ and has previously been known as a ‘God of Calamity’ who would take on any wish from anyone, his fighting ability is amazing. Even Bishamon with all of her regalia can’t stop him though she certainly pushes him to his limit.

Yato is also incredibly soft-hearted. That might not always seem like the case given some of his decisions seem quite cold, but once you understand his perspective and where he’s coming from, he’s an incredibly kind soul.


Also, despite how poverty stricken he is, he still only charges his five yen for a wish and regardless of the quest he takes his duties seriously (something you may not believe if you’ve only watched the start and watched him kind of ignore Hiyori’s request). Still, whether it is watching the counter at a convenience store or cleaning a bathroom, once Yato’s on a job he sees it through with pride and enthusiasm.


I would be remiss though not discuss his relationship with Hiyori. At first she’s a client, someone useful, someone who remembers him. However, Hiyori fast makes herself someone Yato needs, a friend. She looks out for him, worries about him, seeks him when he is missing, rallies others to help him. I don’t actually see their relationship as romantic (though it could be seen as heading that way), but I do know that there is a deep love and respect formed between the two characters over two seasons. It is through contact with Hiyori, and later Yukine, that Yato really begins to grow and those relationships are beautiful to watch form and develop.

Noragami Aragoto Yato

And even if they were his only defining traits he would still be an awesome character. However, given he is a god with a complex back story, there’s quite a bit of tragedy and darkness following Yato. While he works hard to ensure those nearest him don’t see it, they worry about their friend and want to help him. Season two particularly dealt with this side of Yato far more and the emotionally moving journey that took us on was well worth it.


So Yato, the small-time god who has big dreams, is definitely a character I respect and enjoyed watching. I’d love another season of Noragami and a large part of the reason is Yato. In the meantime I think I’ll just go and binge watch the first two seasons again because they are amazing.

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22 thoughts on “Up Close with Yato

  1. For guys who are seeking for S3
    Go to this website and ask what you want
    It’s producer website https://www.bones.co.jp
    I hope you guys do it cause not only I have done it 3 times but also I encouraged almost every Noragami account in Instagram to do it too

    1. Definitely watch Noragami. This is one anime I push even on non-anime fans and almost everyone I’ve talked into watching it with me has ended up loving it.

  2. I do love his bouts of silliness. But it’s when he turns serious god and earnestly being a decent fellow is when I really want to give him a hug.
    I recently caught up with the manga and there were some major developments happen there, and it really is a testament to his character how he dealt with them. He’s one of the best characters I’ve met in a while.

    1. I really should read the source given it seems unlikely we’re getting a third season at this point. Still, I’d love more of the anime. The music, the animation, everything about it was just great.

    1. You should definitely get to season 2 – its so good. It streams on AnimeLab in Australia so maybe its streaming somewhere you can watch it?

    1. He’s seriously a great character. He makes you laugh, he does awesome action, he’s a great friend, he can get deadly serious, and he can be incredibly vulnerable. Just a really well thought out character who is great fun to watch.

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