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If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode 8

There were two distinct parts to episode 8 as Dale and Latine visited a relative before heading into the village where Dale’s parents live. The relative turned out to be part beastman and had an adorable puppy of his own that got on well with Latina. You could almost end up thinking that the sole purpose of this first part of Uchi no Musume was just to show off how cute Latina and the little girl beast were except that they dropped a plot significant point into the middle of it.


During their stay, the beastman says that they are going on a hunt because of an oracle or a prophecy and Dale notes that Latina’s reaction is a bit off. The next day, the baby beast cries because Latina is hurt which leads to Latina crying and she eventually tells Dale that the reason she was sent into the woods in the first place was because of some kind of prophecy though she was too young to remember what it was. Slowly but surely we’re getting more information about Latina’s past and I guess sooner or later we’ll know the whole story.


However, rather than dwell on this, we’re off to Dale’s home village where he is met by what seems to be a bandit attack but turns out to simply be a greeting by his parents. If ever you wondered what is wrong with Dale I think we now know the answer. Quite clearly his family are all nut-cases given they think dropping a boulder in front of someone is a greeting.

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There’s the usual gushing over how cute Latina is and some ribbing of Dale being too old for her, which would seem harmless enough except that spoilers of the source are all over the internet and realistically all these comments did was make me think about where the story apparently ends up going and it makes what could be quite a cute moment sit just a little uncomfortably. We also get Latina being momentarily jealous because she thinks Dale’s getting married until she realises it’s his brother.

I think a lot of characters have now asked this on meeting Dale. It would be nice if the audience had seen any of Dale prior to meeting Latina so that we could judge how he had changed for ourselves.

I’m going to admit, I didn’t like this episode as much as some of the others. It is still super cute and there are some really fun moments with Latina and Dale and meeting Dale’s parents was great. However, possibly it is because we’re eight episodes in and the cute factor is starting to feel pretty samey, or maybe it is because of the split focus in the episode, but for whatever reason I did find myself counting time in this episode. Also, the action sequence mostly just showed off the poor animation here which normally isn’t an issue when the characters are just sitting and eating, but it took a lot of the excitement out of that sequence.


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Images from: Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai. Dir. T Yanase. Maho Film. 2019.

3 thoughts on “Uchi no Musume Review Episode 8

  1. I am curious about the “spoilers”. What are they? And do they have inside info or are they just speculation?

    When I watch an anime I usually don’t pay attention to what anyone else says about it. It stands on its own until it fails or succeeds.

    1. Yes, I’ve been trying to ignore the spoilers for this one but there’s a lot of them out there. It isn’t inside info, but more that the source is much further along and it takes these characters and their relationship apparently in a controversial direction. Again, I’m enjoying the anime and I like these characters but I also can’t unread something so try though I might there’s now a nagging voice filtering how I view different interactions in the story.

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