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If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord Episode 7

For the first part of this episode you’d be forgiven for thinking that we were suddenly in a fantasy travel anime as Latina oohs and aahs her way along the path and to the port town where she and Dale will first stay on their way to Dale’s village. However Uchi no Musume has given us plenty of reason to have confidence that it isn’t just about Latina being adorable and the second half of this episode really pulls out all the stops as we get the most detail about the demons and titular demon lords that we’ve been given so far in this series.


Travelling with Latina and Dale is actually pretty fun. Latina’s attempts to be more independent and dependable as a travelling companion are pretty adorable particularly when contrasted with her more childish desire to hide her diary from Dale. Also, with them visiting towns it gives them the perfect excuse to eat out which means cute dresses for Latina and even more adorable ribbons.


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The change in this episode comes when Latina notices one of the restaurants entertainers is wearing a bracelet like the one she was given by Rag. A little bit of organisation by Dale and they meet with the woman who does indeed turn out to be a demon living amongst humans and she tells them a few things about the demon lords that even has Dale wondering why humans don’t know some of these points.


While there are still plenty of secrets in Latina’s past, this episode kind of indicates that the series isn’t going to forget about the back-story in favour of Latina being cute and Dale being the doting ‘father’. While those elements are still at play and keeping the light and bubbly feeling going, there’s plenty sitting just beneath the surface making this a more entertaining viewing experience than it might otherwise be.


Though, they still possibly overdid the number of cute exclamations Latina made this episode.

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Images from: Uchi no Musume no Tame Naraba, Ore Wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai. Dir. T Yanase. Maho Film. 2019.

4 thoughts on “Uchi no Musume Review Episode 7

  1. I constantly have the forboding feeling that things are going to change at some point in this series. Even though there are plenty of adorable things to like (the traveling scenes in this episode for some reason were very relaxing), I have always had the idea that at some point this series is going to turn the tables on us. No idea where it’s going yet, but I think next week we might find out more.

    1. I think it is that overall sense of foreboding that stops this from getting too sickly sweet as you do keep wondering about why Latina was in the forest and what happened to her. It is just enough intrigue to keep the otherwise sweet nothingness from getting out of control.

  2. When I reviewed this series early on over at 91.8 the Fan, I made specific mention of the threat inherent in the title, wondering when Latina’s history would finally catch up to her. . .

    1. I was wondering if the anime would get to it or not because it seemed like something that would happen at the end of the story and anime series seldom get to the ends of things. Still, that title is pretty descriptive of what threat the story should have in it.

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