The Poll For Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2018 – Have Your Say

In case you missed it, here’s the poll reminder for best and worst of the Summer anime season.

100 Word Anime

There are ten days to go for you to have your say in the reader poll. So far results have been mixed but we’re starting to see a top 3 choices emerge in both categories. Just a reminder that the top 3 shows will go into the poll for anime of the year at the end of the year up against the winners from best of Winter and Spring as well as the next season.

Best of Summer 2018

This is not the technically most proficient show nor any other measurable criteria. This is simply the anime you enjoyed watching the most this summer. For whatever reason at all, which show did you most eagerly await the next episode of and which have you been happiest to watch week after week? You can have three picks so make them count.

Worst of Summer 2018

Just a reminder, this is the…

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The Best and Worst Anime of Summer 2018 – Have Your Say

Just a reminder to vote for your best and worst anime of the season.

100 Word Anime

Readers, you have chosen the best anime of Winter 2018 and the best anime of Spring 2018. You’ve also let everyone know what you felt the worst show of the Winter and Spring seasons were. Now it is time to once again stand up and be counted. From now until September 30 you can vote on the shows you feel are the best and worst of the Summer anime season.

The top three shows from the best of the season poll will go on to face off against other great titles from the year in my anime of the year poll whereas the worst shows will just kind of slink off into the sunset and be forgotten. As always, I ask that you vote only for shows you actually watched rather than a show you started and dropped or put on hold.

But as always, I am very much…

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