Twin Star Exorcists Episodes 16 – 18


I picked this up again and watched another three episodes. It really is better in blocks than watching week to week. That said, I did find myself watching the clock at times feeling like the episodes were taking forever. And that’s kind of odd given so much happened in these three episodes.


Episode 16 decides to hit us hard with Mayura being corrupted. I kind of thought this show was taking a turn for the seriously dark but they pulled out an amazing new superpower just in time to not kill Rokuro’s childhood friend and the one person in the show who isn’t asking to die. That said, as a Kegare, she kind of rocks. If it wasn’t for the absolute tragedy of the situation it would be kind of cool.


Episode 17 has Seigen fighting Yuto and that is a battle worth watching. Incidentally, up until now I hadn’t really cared about Yuto. Yeah, I know he was behind the whole tragedy that sent Rokuro over the edge and blah, blah, blah, but he hasn’t really had that much of an emotional impact on anything up until now. He’s just been talked about a lot and one time beat up Rokuro. This episode ‘fixes’ that and while I don’t like Seigen (and don’t really buy his whole cruel to be kind facade) watching him getting trashed in this episode kind of makes Yuto seem like a far more serious threat.


Then we get to episode 18. Twin Star Exorcists just cannot maintain a tone. Every time the fight against the Kegare looks like it is getting interesting, we go back to these two playing house. Admittedly, I kind of saw the need this time and at least they spent most of this time looking for practical solutions to the fight they are about to face and dealing with their personal baggage. This wasn’t a cooking episode diversion or the like. As a result, some actual characterisation took place and while I would have preferred to just get on with the confrontation with Yuto this wasn’t a terrible episode.

So there we go. Another three episodes watched. I’ll pick this up again in a bit and review where I’m up to.

Twin Star Exorcists is available on Crunchyroll.

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