Twin Star Exorcists Episode 9


Okay, I kind of liked this episode after only really tolerating this show thus far. Rokuro is still an emotional basket-case but finally some of it makes sense, and Benio has finally found a voice. This makes both characters far more likeable in this episode.

Also, we finally meet a character who asks the question I’ve always wanted a villain to ask a hero in an anime. “And what happens if you don’t forgive me?” It’s one of those lines I’ve always wanted to hear said and I wasn’t disappointed with the delivery here.

On Twin Star Exorcists: great episode. I was actually surprised when the end credits rolled because I just lost track of time.

Twin Star Exorcists is available on Crunchyroll.

On a side-note, are there any lines of dialogue you’ve been dying to hear?

2 thoughts on “Twin Star Exorcists Episode 9

  1. This episode was the first one in this series that actually made me go “oh wow, that was really well done”. The scene where they showed the Hinatsuki tragedy as it actually happened had some beautiful emotion to it, and I feel the way they presented it was perfect. I also seemed to lose track of time, and was quite disappointed when I saw the credits.

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