Twin Star Exorcists Episode 5


Rokuro is an exorcist only he doesn’t want to be (so cue lots and lots of indignant pre-adolescent whingeing about destiny). Benio wants to be the strongest exorcist and hey, why not have the head of the exorcist order decide these two should one day get married.


This episode felt particularly grating in a series that I’m finding increasingly less enjoyable. I want to know more about their enemies and about how their power works and I want to see the other exorcists occasionally do something other than be cannon fodder and yet the series delivers another string of lame squabbling, some victims of the week, and a new, arrogant exorcist who drops in and out of the story serving little purpose but the overtly stated one. There is still potential for this series but this episode is not delivering.

Twin Star Exorcists is available on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “Twin Star Exorcists Episode 5

  1. I dropped the show after this episode. It really is repetitive and I don’t like the guy at all, he’s way too strong and pretty annoying. I didn’t want to drop anything this season but I thought why stick with something if I’m not liking it?

    1. True. I may need to look at that after the next episdoe because I know if someone asked me honestly I would tell them I’m not particularly enjoying Twin Star but I also really do want to know where it is going. The answer to that, however, might end up being nowhere.

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