Tuesday’s Top 5: Top 5 Red-Heads (Female)

Tuesday's Top 5

Here we are with the very first top 5 list I ever wrote. Naturally I chose a topic near and dear to my heart and that is counting down my favourite crimson coloured heroines from anime. Whether they fight with their minds, their emotions, swords or a massive sniper rifle, these girls are tough and are going to absolutely deliver on entertainment. Here are my very top 5 red-heads.

The top 5 list for male characters with red hair came next and is well worth checking out.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Who didn’t make my list of top 5 red-heads?

Honourable mentions to Yona from Yona Akatsuki and Felicita from Arcana Famiglia. Both amazing red-headed characters but unfortunately did not make the final cut.

Number 5: Madam Red from Black Butler

Why is Madam Red on my list? Because she is a female doctor in the 1800’s. She’s amazing at social gatherings and still a doting aunt to Ciel (who may just be one of the most obnoxious nephews in history). And then there’s the whole serial killer thing. Admittedly, that is where her character kind of comes undone (in more ways than one) but Madam Red’s story – while short- has a massive impact when watching Black Butler.

Number 4: Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

And no, I didn’t choose Yoko for her fashion sense, though I’m sure many of the males in the audience appreciated her many fine physical attributes. Yoko’s on the list because she is an incredibly dynamic character. She is fiery as her red hair suggests, but she’s also incredibly sensitive and gradually becomes the voice of reason in amongst a very male dominated and highly unreasonable crowd. That said, she’s still in the fights with the best of them.

Number 3: Erika Chiba from The Irregular at Magic High School

Another fiery red head on the list, but Erika manages to keep it mostly in check. For a school heavy on magic, Erika definitely relied on her physical prowess as much as her magical capabilities. She’s hanging out with Tatsuya and that means she’s kind of thrown into dangerous situations at every turn, but Erika does not mind. In fact, that’s probably part of the appeal for her. If I could change anything about The Irregular at Magic High School, I would so increase Erika’s screen time.


Number 2: Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

This one shouldn’t need much explanation. She’s tough enough to terrify even Natsu and Grey into acting like friends. She has a cute side. She travels with enough weapons and armour to equip an entire army. Everything about Erza is awesome. In a guild filled with extraordinary people, Erza stands out and takes control when the occasion calls for it but is fiercely loyal to those she considers friends. And just because Natsu has saved her once or twice doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy on him in a fight. If he wants to beat her he is definitely going to have to work for it. Erza kind of defines what is mean by fiery red head.

So after so many combatant entries, number one may come as a surprise.


Number 1: Shirayuki from Shirayuki no Akagami

Let me explain. Shirayuki embodies the same qualities of the other characters on this list. She is forthright, upstanding, fights for justice, loyal to her friends, and packs some amazing emotional punch for one character. Unlike the above characters, her strength doesn’t come from a weapon or physical abilities (though she certainly won’t just sit in her prison cell and wait to be rescued and she isn’t above diving out a window if she deems it necessary).

She’s just a strong character who does anything she can within her means. And when she finds something is beyond her, she doesn’t give up, she finds a path that will bring her closer to where she wants to be. Shirayuki is a character you just can’t help but watch and hope that she succeeds and that is why she is my number one red-haired female character.

Is your favourite red-headed character on the list or have I missed someone amazing. Feel free to tell us below.

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Karandi James

32 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Top 5 Red-Heads (Female)

  1. is a fair list can’t complain about Erza. Ngl I do wonder what you think about Makise from stains Gate and Mereoleona who is Erza but * 100 and is probably the most badarse character in black clover

  2. I’ll agree with you on Erza. Titiania deserves a top spot on anyone’s list to be honest. And you are right redheads are much easier.

    Makise Kurusu: (Stein’s Gate) Honestly I just love the series and she is fantastically well rounded character. I am also excited for the new movie where she has to chase him through worldline to worldline. She smart, smarter than Okabe, but also very sweet and caring. I absolutely love her banter with him. She honestly steals almost every scene she is in.

    Etna: (Disgaea) This one might be cheating as it was a pretty cool PS2 era RPG before it was an anime. Still Entna is Prince Laharl’s self proclaimed vassal even though she tried to assassinate him. She is a demon who nurtures his more sadistic and cruel side. Though it’s often a light hearted kind of cruelty like pulling on Angle Trainee Flonne’s hair. Her devious but cute nature along with her great arc earns her a spot.

    Washu: (Tenchi Series) Legendary Mad Scientist and Goddess of the Universe (depending on which version you watch). Responsible for all kinds of wacky adventures and mischief. She also has a naughty side when she tries to seduce Tenchi and collect sperm samples from him for her experiments with her “magic hands”.

    Rias Gremory (High School DXD) Ok yes she is a lot of eye candy. You probably see her nipples more than any other redhead in anime. Though Erza probably shows the most skin in the manga (She gets naked an awful lot). So not only is she gorgeous she is the source of fantastic comedy. Honestly anyone who who puts up with Issei antics deserves to be honored. She is also the leader of her own noble house and very kind to all her servants. When you cross her, or injure them beware her wrath.

  3. Yona and Shirayuki could’ve been sisters and I wouldn’t even be surprised. I’d love to hear a conversation between these two. Also, Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi (who happens to be a childhood crush of mine) can give any red-head princess a run for their money. Gosh, I never knew I had a thing for red-headed royalties.

  4. Hey Karandi, cool post idea. 🙂 and just fyi I responded with my own blog post of my top 5 because I thought it would be fun. I see now that some others like the idea of making one as well.

    In short, mine are:
    Kagura of Gintama
    Yona from Akatsuki no Yona
    Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
    Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
    Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    1. Glad you liked the post.
      Sakura’s an interesting choice. I must admit I found her just a little bit annoying, though she was still interesting as a character.
      Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes I love Shirayuki’s tenacity. My favorite is your honorable mention, Yona. Her character grows so quickly from the beginning, it’s fascinating to watch (or read- the manga is amazing also). Looking forward to reading more lists 🙂

    1. Yona is an excellent character but I just don’t have the same attachment to her as I did some of the others on the list.

  6. I loved your list makes me want to do one now 🙂 probably going to but without a doubt shirayuki would be in it ☺️☺️

  7. You’re wrong because I only know one of them, you have bad taste, and blah blah blah. Insert metric ton of salt here. Actually I know 2 counting the honorable mentions. (Yona)

    I should do what you did here, jumping in feet first. Like the idea, and great way to start as red heads are the best~ Also if Kenshin isn’t in the male list, I swear I’ll give you two metric tons of salt.

  8. Personally, I think Top 5 Tuesday is a great concept. I support it!

    Your list of the top 5 red-headed gals is also excellent. I like Erika the most of the listed bunch.

    If it were up to me, I might include Kōzuki Kallen from Code Geass. The very definition of a fiery redhead when she is in battle, Kallen nevertheless leads a double life since she acts like a meek girl when she is at school. The whole concept of a double life is just attractive to me, I suppose. Plus she develops as a character, growing from a hypocrite who is unwilling to put her faith into an uncertain rebellion into a confident fighter with a strong sense of justice as well as intense loyalty for her friends and loved ones. Maybe the nostalgia lens are clouding up my vision, though.

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