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No surprise that between the Yuri on Ice rewatch and running various polls about the routines, music and characters on Twitter, that I decided I wanted to look at my Top 5 Yuri on Ice songs. I will definitely be doing a Top 5 Yuri and Victor moment list once the rewatch is completed, though that may very well turn into a top 10 list the way I’m going because it seems like every encounter between them brings something to the table.

Wait, I wasn’t supposed to be fangirling about Yuri on Ice, I was supposed to be introducing this list. Okay, so these are my personal favourite songs from Yuri on Ice and it was very hard to narrow down because there were some truly fantastic music selections in this anime. However, I would absolutely love to know your picks so be sure to leave me a comment below.

By the way, I’m linking to YouTube so you can listen to the songs if you don’t know them.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mention: Still Alive (no idea why I like this song given we only heard it the once in the background for a skater that wasn’t overly important, but something about it grabbed my attention).

Number 5 Yuri on Ice Song: Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yuri on Ice Episode 10

It took me forever to figure out what the name of this song was, but I remember that I thought it was absolutely perfect when they used it in the anime. Now if you don’t know, this is the song playing when we finally get to see why Victor got it into his head that he should coach Yuri.

Yuri had apparently gotten very drunk and challenged Plisetsky to a dance off and all of the skaters apparently documented the occasion on their phone (though a dance off was not the only thing going on in those pictures and where the poll came from is anyone’s guess). Still, the song is incredibly catchy and perfectly fits the sequence.

Number 4 Yuri on Ice Song: Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice Episode 7 - Yuri on Ice

No surprise this song made the list. I’m probably more surprised it is only number 4, but there’s so many great songs in this anime I guess it isn’t that surprising. Still, this song was written to express Yuri’s relationship with skating and his career and it does indeed perfectly capture Yuri. It is a good thing this song is amazing because we hear it quite a number of times but each time it just draws you back in.

Number 3 Yuri on Ice Song: Minami’s Boogie

Yuri on Ice Episode 5 - Minami

Okay, you have to love this one. Minami is such a great character considering his short screen time and this song perfectly captures his fun and energetic nature. It is very fun background music though it definitely makes you want to get up and move. Really fun song and it was coupled with a really fun routine. Really enjoyed this one.

Number 2Yuri on Ice song: You Only Live Once

Yuri Only live once.jpg

I’ll confess, I’m an end credits skipper for almost all shows. If there’s something after the credits I’ll skip ahead and if there isn’t I’ll usually just cut the show when the credits roll. There are a few anime that manage to do something interesting in their end credits or change the music up sufficiently that I’ll stick around, but it is rare for me to like a song enough that I’ll watch the end credits every single time.

Yuri on Ice and You Only Live Once succeeded right from the first episode. It is a perfect combination of the music feeling like it perfectly fits the shows and the characters and the visuals feeling like they perfectly complement the story and the characters. But just listing to this song by itself is pure joy. It really is the feeling of the show captured in one song and I love it.

Number 1 Yuri on Ice Song: History Maker

Yuri On Ice Title

No points for picking that this was going to be my number one. I’ve made no pretence of the fact that from the very first time I heard this song I was hooked. I started Yuri on Ice expecting nothing, the opening scene was interesting enough but it was this song starting and the OP that hooked me and made this show something I would pay attention to.

The rest of the first episode did a fine job reinforcing that impression, but it is amazing what a great OP will do for a show. Even now, whenever I’m feeling a little down, clicking through YouTube and finding History Maker is enough to make me smile. A friend of mine learned how to play it on the violin and played it for me one day and I was positively skipping for hours. This is a song that truly hit its mark for me and much like You Only Live Once, it perfectly captures the spirit of the show.

Okay, I’m now turning it over to you: what were your favourite songs from Yuri on Ice?

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13 thoughts on “Top 5: Yuri on Ice Songs

  1. I agree, all the OSTs were fantastic. One of the OSTs that made me feel emotional was “At The Airport” because I’m such a huge sucker for those dramatic reunions at the airport scenes.

    1. That scene is just kind of perfect. I am planning on doing a top 5 Yuri and Victor moments but I’m going to wait until I finish the rewatch. That said, the airport scene is going to be on it.

    I CLOSE MY eyes tell myself, that my dream will come true.

    There will be no more darkness when you believe in
    Yourself you are unstoppable
    Where your destiny lies
    Dancing on the blades, you set MY HEART ON FIRE

    Don’t stop us now, the moment of truth,
    we were, born to make history

    We’ll make it happen, we’ll turn it around
    Can you hear, my heartbeat,
    I’m tired of feeling, never enough
    I close my eyes, see my self, when my dreams, will come true

    There’ll be no more darkness, when you believe,
    In yourself you are unstoppable
    Where your destiny lies,
    Dancing on your blades, yOU SET MY HEART ON FIRE!!
    Ok, I better stop. And wut. How did my teacher not know? Well, thats good. My wrist is sore now.

  3. The music in Yuri on Ice certainly played an amazing part in making this anime so incredibly wonderful. I could not agree more with your number one choice. The opening for this anime really was incredible and totally memorable 😊

    1. I know. It is one of those openings that just completely grabs you from the minute you hear it and I still feel that way even now as I rewatch the series.

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