Top 5 Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon Gives Us a Plethora of Interesting Female Characters, But Who Are The Best Scouts?

Tuesday's Top 5

Well, it had to happen eventually that I would do a Sailor Moon themed list and to be honest, top 5 sailor scouts is an easy start. I’m certain there will be other top 5 lists in the future that revisit our very favourite ditzy heroine. To keep it simple (and so that I could finish the list and not go crazy) I stuck to only Sailor Scouts from our solar system. It just seemed to make more sense.

Also, I stuck to the 90’s anime adaptation when making my decision. If I ordered the characters from Crystal, they’d probably be in a different order and I have not read the manga.

Who would you pick for the top 5 Sailor Scouts?

Honourable mentions this week go to Venus, Mars, Uranus and Neptune. Also, an honourable mention to Tuxedo Mask. Which kind of tells you who is on the list, but the question becomes, what order?

Number 5: Sailor Moon

Serena - number 5 on my list of top 5 sailor scouts

Maybe it’s sad that the title character only just made the top 5 and was nearly edged out by Mars or Uranus. However, Sailor Moon is just not that good of a Sailor Scout. Her most amazing moments come when she is transformed into the Moon Princess which I don’t really count as being a scout. Sorry, Serena, but as a scout you just aren’t quite as interesting as some of the others.

Number 4: Sailor Pluto


Right from when we were first introduced to Pluto as the Keeper of Time, standing and guarding the doorway, I loved Pluto as a character. She seemed so sad and tragic and yet powerful at the same time. Later, she gets more involved (for reasons that are not explained in the 90’s anime) and she is every bit as awesome as she appeared to be. The reason for her placement at number 4 is her impact on the series is fairly negligible. Really, anyone could have been the door keeper and after that, Pluto is interesting but non-essential.

Number 3: Sailor Mercury


The much needed brains of the group, Ami regularly is overlooked because she isn’t as active in some of the fights. That said, despite being mostly the brain, when she needs to, Sailor Mercury dives in to the battle. Her confrontation with Tuxedo Mask in Season 1 was superb and her chess show down in Season 2 (combining combat and brains) was a real shining moment. She’s definitely an asset to the team.

Number 2: Sailor Saturn


It’s really hard to imagine that Sailor Saturn wouldn’t be on someone’s favourite scout list. She’s beautiful, fragile, and yet terrifyingly powerful all in one plot defining package. Hotaru stole the show during season 3 and her being transformed back into a baby was one of the most emotional moments I had while watching the original series. Plus, her uniform is one of the most adorable (not really the main point of the list but it is one of the better looks). Also, her weapon actually looks like a weapon and not a cheap toy.

Number 1: Sailor Jupiter


I’ll admit that Lita might be a bit of a sucker for a cute guy, but as Jupiter she’s physically the strongest of the inner scouts, her power (originally) shoots lightning at her enemies (and occasionally her allies), and she’s the only one of the original group that never turned their back on Serena during Rei and Serena’s power squabbles. She weaponises earrings, cooks up a storm, is competitive and yet super sweet. Sailor Jupiter is a great character and my personal favourite Sailor Scout.

For those of you who are still with me after my fan-girl list, who would you have included and in what order?

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Karandi James

20 thoughts on “Top 5 Sailor Scouts – Sailor Moon Gives Us a Plethora of Interesting Female Characters, But Who Are The Best Scouts?

  1. The outer scouts are my favourites and it’s not just because there’s my lesbian princesses. Though I may be biased towards them in one way or another. It’s really with them that the story got darker and more serious, and the villains stopped being stupid and majorly irrelevant. Outer Scouts were the best antagonists in the series, followed only by Galaxy because Galaxy oof was she badass and got things accomplished.

    Not only that, their powers were extremely good, unlike Venus Mercury and Sailor Moon for the most part, and hello fist fighting. Uranus has no qualms going hand to hand, and she does it more often than Jupiter.
    I really do think Naoko took the best of the inner scouts to birth the outer scouts, so the inner scouts to me got mostly trumped by them. Saturn has death powers, Pluto time powers, how badass!

    But it’s not just because they are stronger, they have a darkness the inner scouts don’t. They do morally grey choices without looking back, they go to places and actions the inner scouts never could and I just always found them fascinating.
    Would any of the inner scouts really have shot themselves to see if their heart had weapons? I think not, by their reactions to when the outer scouts did it.

    Oof, sorry about the wall of text!

  2. Too be honest. I never took a liking to Saturn. For me, she was always that Scout I forgot about. (In relation to the Viz dub). When I get around to catching up on Crystal. I should probably pay closer attention too her.

    Hands down, Jupiter is my favorite Scout. My number two would probably be Sailor V. That scene in Super S with she was out in a date with hawk and tigers eye. They though they were playing her but in reality she was running game on them. She is forever smooth in my book for that. LOL

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I always saw Sailor Mercury as a mix between Hinata and Donatello. I don’t think I could choose a top 5 but my favourite was (unimaginatively I guess) Sailor Moon. I’m pretty sure she had every single punchline (except when Mars got obscenely angry) and when she got good with her powers she really kicked some butt.

    Thanks for liking my post [].

  4. I haven’t read the manga but I’m kinda sure.

    I have a hard time ranking my favorite sailor scouts, but if I had to.. Venus, Jupiter, Mercury (I loved her mini handheld computer!)….4 and 5 I’m not sure. but those are def. my top 3.

    so this is kind of interesting but..I went to a panel at Kraken-con in Oakland about the impact sailor moon had on it’s female audience. It was actually rather fascinating! I may end up writing about it at some point on my blog too. 🙂

  5. You really need to read the manga – Pluto is way better in that, as are Mars and Venus. That being said, Venus is my number 1, followed by Mars and Pluto, then Neptune, then Jupiter.

    But legit read the manga, it’s a different story entirely (as is the Viz dub lol). And honestly, the manga is the better version of the two, as much as I love the anime.

    1. Better story or not, I just don’t enjoy reading manga. Love novels and love watching TV or anime but manga is a weird mix or text and visuals that just doesn’t appeal to me.

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