Tuesday’s Top 5: Reasons To Like Kirito

Tuesday's Top 5

As far as anime characters go there are many that are beloved and held up as shining examples of amazing characters. Kirito from SAO isn’t usually one of them and to be honest, I’m not actually going to argue he should be. However, I really like Kirito as a character and so my list today are my top reasons to like him. Feel free to share reasons why you don’t like him, another character you think isn’t given enough love, or even your reasons for liking Kirito in the comments below. Just remember to play nice.

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Please note: There will be spoilers below.

No honourable mentions this week.

Number 5: He’s Got Moves


Okay, the Black Swordsman might be overpowered (depending on how you want to define that) and maybe we know plot armour is going to see him through regardless of the challenge (which kind of points out he isn’t that overpowered given he needs plot armour in addition to being crazy strong) but Kirito has some genuine moves with those swords. While a slightly more detailed animation style rather than colourful spam movement effects might have been nice in order to see more of that style, that aesthetic kind of matches the trapped in a game feel more or less perfectly so I can’t really be that critical. However, I put Kirito’s fights against some of the floor bosses (the few we see) just below Bell from DanMachi in terms of epic fight scenes to watch (and by epic, I mean I really enjoy watching them).

Number 4: Despite Having Moves, He’s Also a Klutz

Kirito - food

Maybe it is the Sailor Moon fan in me coming out but Kirito is at his most charming when utterly failing at simple things. That’s probably the reason that despite all my complaints about the Ordinal Scale movie, I still genuinely enjoyed it. Kirito spends the first part of the movie more or less out of his depth and tripping over himself before he finally switches into a more serious mode. He’s definitely less fun then.

Number 3: Though there’s a gaggle of girls surrounding him, Kirito has eyes only for Asuna

Kirito and Asuna.gif

Say what you want about Kirito’s harem, Kirito being surrounded by girls, none of the girls having any purpose other than to fall in love with Kirito and Kirito not deserving to be liked by so many girls (and all the other things that people like to say) the simple truth is Kirito has been completely loyal in his affections from start to finish. While he helps others out, and those others are regularly girls who then do stare at him with puppy dog eyes for a fair while, it is quite obvious that Kirito feels real love for Asuna and that it is mutual. The two have a bond that is incredible to see develop and to watch over the course of the first two arcs. The boy is loyal and he’s standing by Asuna no matter what and literally watched the end of a world with her by his side.

Number 2: Socially awkward teen who remains socially awkward, I’m in

Kirito - knife.gif

Kirito starts season one of SAO mostly isolated from his family, unsure who he is, and not overly social. He struggles to communicate with others and while Klein forces his way into Kirito’s attention, Kirito remains strictly a loner for a fair length of time inside the game. Much like his klutziness, his socially awkward moments that continue through large parts of the series remain one of my favourite parts because it reminds us that though Kirito does begin to open up to others and slowly builds up a circle of friends he still isn’t exactly well practiced in social graces.

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Black Swords


Number 1: Sound advice about enjoying the moment, no matter how messed up it might be

Kirito - relax.gif

While at first Kirito responded to the game with fear for his life and a genuine drive to escape (a drive that never went away entirely), he did come to an acceptance of his circumstances faster than many other characters. He continued to look for a way out of the game, a way to win, but he also remembered to take time to enjoy the world they were in and the life they were living. It was a game so many of them had wanted to play and a rich virtual world that was truly beautiful. Kirito realised the positives of the situation even while he didn’t resign himself to never escaping. It was a lovely thought about appreciating the moment and taking what you can from it, even while keeping sight of what you want.

And that is my list for this week but be sure to check back next week for a new list, or you can check out all of my Top 5 lists here. For now though, leave us a comment sharing your love for Kirito (or otherwise).

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Karandi James

34 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Reasons To Like Kirito

  1. Other than being OP MC and having badass moves I hate everything about that guy. Don’t get me wrong but I like my characters with some character, not the blank slate he is. Though I agree about the good quality’s you wrote, He is a pretty badass character if you forget he has no character.

    1. I kind of find it odd people say he has no character. His character is pretty ordinary but throughout the series he has motive, personal issues, things he enjoys, and while I wouldn’t argue he’s the most nuanced or original personality going, to say he has no character seems an over-simplification. Generic I wouldn’t argue against. He is very ordinary in the world of isekai protagonists.
      Still, my review of Sengoku Night Blood just went out and I would really argue that is you want a protagonist with no personality, like other than she’s nice I have no other descriptor for her and can’t think of a single moment where she dealt with anything, Sengoku Night Blood really delivers.

      1. That is it, he is generic like any video game hero, he is made that way to reach a wider audience. There is no flavor in him or SAO, everything is just one dimensional and that is completely fine. Some people love very simple-minded anime while some do not. My biggest nitpick with is SAO is that it did nothing with the idea of trapped in another world, it is just another trying to be romantic and trying to be a serious story. The story itself has no character, it has no depth. SAO neither satisfy my need for action or for good story. It is a half-baked anime.

        1. They definitely could have done more with the trapped aspect. I personally enjoyed SAO but it is kind of easy watching. It isn’t really asking much of its viewers.

  2. We need more Sword Art Online lovers and less haters. Still don’t understand why the shit on this anime despite the first half of season 1 being so good.

      1. Most definitely. And while I’m perfectly happy for someone to comment here and to give me reasons they don’t like Kirito, just hating on the show or the character without providing reasons kind of kills any kind of conversation.

  3. I’ve never had strong feelings about Kirito as a character, but thanks for this list! It’s too easy to forget that there are pleasant things about this guy when the Internet trashes him way too much.

    1. He does get a lot of trash talk on the internet, and people are welcome to dislike him. There are plenty of characters I dislike that are fan favourites. But yeah, I felt like celebrating why I like him.

  4. Fair points. I found it funny that there’re no honorable mentions – it seems that there are only 5 reasons to like Kirito. To be fair, these are the major ones and anything else might be tied with the them.

    1. I could have gone with I really like his fashion sense but somehow I don’t think that would be a winning argument for most people.

  5. Your last point reminds me of something one of my boot camp instructors told me: “If you ever have five minutes to do something that isn’t work, do that thing, and you and the Navy will be better for it”. I’ve lived like that ever since, and it’s helped me through a lot.

    Yes, he expressed it much more colorfully, but that’s the gist of it. The original form was phrased in Sailor and is decidedly NSFW and not for unprepared ears.

    I think one of the things I like most about Kirito is his directness – he doesn’t lead people on, and unless subterfuge fulfills an immediate purpose he pretty much carves a direct line from where he is to wherever he’s going.

    1. That’s true. Though I must admit, the part with Kirito and Asuna playing house with Yui was not one of my favourite moments of the first season. But yeah, he does step into that role fairly quickly considering how disconnected he is from people in the beginning.

  6. I love Kirito’s loyalty too. I’m not so happy that he has a harem, but he doesn’t play around and I don’t think Asuna has to worry in the least. And she doesn’t, she’s not jealous, at least in everything I’ve seen, and I really like that about her too.

    1. That’s the thing… I don’t think he has a harem. Usually a harem master returns the feelings to some degree even if for plot reasons he can’t make a choice. Kirito is supportive as hell of his “harem” and is a friend to all of them – but he doesn’t mislead them or lead them on. He cleaves to Asuna and Asuna only.

      Asuna for her part also doesn’t fit into the harem mold, as their is no jealousy, no battle for affection or to be Number One. She is Number One and confident enough in Kirito and their relationship to not begrudge him his female friends.

      1. That’s a very good point. You really can’t describe what he has as a harem if you go by the actual standards set in the harem genre. I guess I just called it so because everyone else does. I do wish he had more guy friends though.

        1. It would be nice for more male characters (or the couple that exist like Klein to get more screen time). Still, I don’t mind the group dynamic that exists.

    2. Yep. She’s not warning off the other girls or possessively stalking the guy. The two just genuinely like and respect each other. You have to love that.

  7. Oh my gosh this is pretty good! I am actually one of the few people who likes and respects Kirito. I like his fighting skills and I thought he was funny in movie and how he is not active in Ordinal Scale. I haven’t seen the anime Danmachi, but I am curious about watching it. He is loyal to Asuna lol. I can relate to him being socially awkward and just trying to take advantage of a relaxing moment.

    1. Thanks Matt.
      While there’s a lot of silliness in DanMachi, there’s a really amazing fight about episode 7 between Bell and an Minotaur that is just wow. While there’s plenty of other reasons to watch the show, that fight alone makes it worth it.

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