Top 5: Questions I’d Like To Ask While Watching Snow White with the Red Hair

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There’s a mouthful of a list name and I know I recently did my top 5 Zen and Shirayuki moments from season 1 after doing a rewatch of the show. However, while watching Snow White with the Red Hair I also came up with a lot of questions for the characters that I’d just love to ask so I finally decided to put them in a top 5 list.

Any question you want to ask of this show? Or is there another anime that’s just left you with a whole bunch of questions you would like answered?

So what are the top 5 questions I’d like to ask while watching Snow White With The Red Hair?

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week: Why is every sunset picturesque? Seriously, every single one. Secondly, where is the king of Clarines? Izana is a Prince and Zen is the second prince, but where is the King and why isn’t he having any say in the goings on in the palace?

Number 5: Why does Shirayuki’s hair never get any longer?

Question I'd like to ask while watching Snow What With The Red Hair - why doesn't your hair ever get longer?

I get that she cuts her hair in episode 1 (through the extremely silly method of tying it up, pulling it over her shoulder and then snipping it – does she know how uneven and lopsided that would make the cut) but after that her hair never grows an inch. I’m never entirely sure of the time frame for the events in this anime but realistically she should either have to keep trimming her hair to keep it that length or it should be growing back. Yet, nothing. Magic hair.

Number 4: Why is Obi never injured after jumping and or falling so far?

watching Snow White with the Red Hair - ask Obi.

Given this show fairly realistically limits the character actions to things humans are actually capable of, and injures them appropriately for even minor falls and scrapes, how does Obi not have multiple broken bones. Is it like he’s the only character who gets to apply standard anime physics to his actions? Because, more than once, he is either knocked off of or jumps off of a roof, castle wall, balcony, etc and he pretty much never sustains an injury from the landing. As much as I love Obi, a few times I just kind of wanted to see him at least sprain an ankle.

Number 3: What happens to the other apprentice herbalist?


When Shirayuki did the exam there were two apprentices taken on. Shrayuki got assigned to Ryu and the other one… Do we ever even see him again? Possibly he just works in another wing of the medical building but as far as I can tell we just literally never see him again. Why even have a second person pass the exam if they aren’t going to do anything in the story?

Number 2: How does Shirayuki pay for her room and board while in Clarines?


Shirayuki arrives in Clarines and she’s boarding in a room. She says herself she needs to find work so that she can afford to eat and goes to the local herbalist. There she finds out about the exam and we know she then studies for that. In the meantime, what is her source of income? We only really see her going with Zen to various places and studying herbs. Is she working? If not, how is she eating?

Number 1: Why doesn’t Prince Izana understand how sleeves work?

Seriously, if Izana wants a cloak or a cape, why not just wear one?  I don’t think he ever wears his jacket as a jacket in the entire first season. The sleeves are just hanging off the side, completely ignored and useless. This is really impractical and fairly silly when you think about it. Okay, I got a little distracted by this particular choice in fashion by the first prince. But really, why?

Your turn. What questions would you like to ask of Snow White with the Red Hair, or any anime?

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8 thoughts on “Top 5: Questions I’d Like To Ask While Watching Snow White with the Red Hair

  1. Hey, I can sort of answer question number 5. I don’t know why her hair never grows in the anime but I’ve read the Manga so I can tell you that Shirayuki’s hair does eventually grow a little. It really takes a while…

    As for my own question… Do they have doctors there? Surgeons? You know… people who can cut other people apart (in times of need) and stitch them back together? Because if someone has a serious injury, it’s going to take more than herbs to patch them back together…

    1. That is a good question given we only really see scrapes, bruises, bumps, the occasional sick stomach, and the end results of poisoning. I wonder how much training the herbalists actually get in terms of major wounds.

  2. I know nothing about this show – okay, that’s a lie, I know some stuff that I’ve read on this blog and others – but these questions were hilarious all the same. Especially the last one. It’s an odd fashion statement. Looks cool though.

    1. You could probably write a similar list for almost any anime, but I think because I rewatched this recently I was in the mood to pick at it.
      That jacket drove me crazy. I really just wanted to unpin it, pull his arms up and stuff them into the sleeves and follow it up with a ‘ta-da’.

  3. These are all great and valid questions. The last one was very lol – why does he do that? 🙂

    I don’t know if it’s answered in the show but why does Kiki choose/how does she become one of Zen’s personal bodyguards?

    1. I don’t remember if they answer that. I know we see Kiki first meeting Matsuhide in season 2 but I don’t know if that’s when she and Zen first met or why she became a guard. Interesting question.

  4. Lol, I got some good laughs out of this one. All very good questions. The answer to the Obi question is that he’s a NINJA.

    My question would be did Izana never teach Zen which end of the sword is sharp? Zen never cuts anyone in the show but Izana doesn’t seem to have that problem.

    1. Half the time Zen doesn’t even draw his sword and just hits people with the sheath. It’s a nice touch but probably a little unrealistic given the situations he’s in at times.

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