Tuesday’s Top 5: Opening Themes in 2017

Tuesday's Top 5

Last year I wrote my list on the top opening themes of 2016 and unsurprisingly Yuri On Ice’s History Maker took out the top spot. This year there wasn’t a single stand out song that really stuck with me, but there were lots of opening themes that really matched their show so it ended up being a fairly close competition.

My criteria for top 5 opening theme is mostly that the song could be listened to as a song by itself and still sound good without the visuals, though also had good visuals to go with it, that it matched the tone of the show, and that it got me ready to watch the episode. So here are my top 5 opening themes of 2017.

Please Note – There probably won’t be any spoilers in this list.

Honourable mentions this week go to: Recovery of an MMO Junkie, 18if, Chain Chronicle and Land of the Lustrous.

Number 5: Here from The Ancient Magus’ Bride

This probably shouldn’t need too much explanation but the song conjures up a sense of sadness and lonliness even while it seems to move us forward. The visuals also have Chise alone a lot of the time and yet surrounded by magic and beauty, even when it is quite dark. All and all, I really enjoy this theme each week and feel it compliments the show quite nicely.

Number 4: Rapture from Juni Taisen


One thing I noticed last year was that not necessarily liking the show doesn’t necessarily mean that I dislike the theme. Rapture is a definitely a case where it captures what I would have loved Juni Taisen to be. It really gets me ready to watch something truly special and then I found the episodes mostly leaving me disappointed. That said, it wasn’t like the theme was a mismatch. It is more the theme is aspirational of what the show was trying to be.

Number 3: Tabiji from KADO: The Right Answer

As much as I ended up disappointed by the ending of KADO I still loved the way the show presented itself early on and I love how the theme just prepared you for a calm viewing experience that was puzzling and made you think. Visually, the quality of the opening isn’t impressive, but it still looks gorgeous and draws you into the story as you try to link ideas and images that may not actually go together. Regardless of how the show ended, it was a theme that really stood out for its show and set a tone that was unique in its season.

Number 2: Shadow and Truth from ACCA

Now this was a theme I would have happily listened to over and over again. It’s boppy and upbeat but also just a bit intriguing. The visuals stood out and it really set the laid back and yet exciting feel of the show. Okay, maybe I’m just a sucker for jazz inspired opening songs because there were a few this year I really enjoyed.

Number 1: The Other Side of the Wall from Princess Principal

This one is exciting, thrilling, powerful and visually entertaining. It is everything you could want from an opening about an all female spy team back at the turn of the century in a steampunk like setting. Thematically relevant and hitting just the right tone, this was definitely the opening of the year for me.

Alright, over to you. What opening themes made you pay attention in 2017?

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16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Opening Themes in 2017

  1. As well as being our general fave of the year, Ancient Magus was way out in front for our favourite theme too. Has that gorgeous melancholy while making you want to dance at the same time.

    1. Excellent description of it. Which is probably why the second theme has felt like such a disappointment because it really hasn’t had much impact.

  2. Very good choices. I think my favorite of the bunch was Shadows and Truth.

    Gamers! and Altair had some great OPs as well, I think. I liked both better than Tabiji and Rapture. Also, maybe I have a screw loose but Umaru Chan R’s OP makes me feel good somehow.

    1. Gamers was a really fun OP. Didn’t get to see Altair but I think I now have access on Amazon Prime so I might get to check that out later. Currently doing a catch up watch on Inuyashiki.

  3. I loved shadow and Truth so much. More than the song, I think it was the visual that accompanied it? I just couldn’t skip it. And it’s a toss between Ancient Magus Bride and the other side of the wall.

    1. Other Side of the Wall is more fun but the Ancient Magus Bride is probably prettier. So I guess it depends what you are in the mood for. They are both great.

  4. As I was scrolling down the list, I kept asking myself “No Deep in Abyss? No Get Across the Wall?” I was pleased to see the latter take the #1 spot.

    1. Made in Abyss probably didn’t grab me because I couldn’t watch it when it was airing week to week and when I binge a show I tend to only watch the opening twice before I just skip over it so I can get on with watching the show. It does make it harder for the opening to leave much of an impact.

  5. Well, you have included my two favorites : the number 1 spot is definitely for Kado, and the number two spot for The Ancient Magus Bride. Both very beautiful in their own ways 😀

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