Tuesday’s Top 5: Males with Silver Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

Here’s the list of my top 5 male anime characters with silver hair. I’m going to admit, this was a far harder list to put together than the female one. There are so many silver haired males out there that I wanted to include. Plus, splitting the one and two spot this week was all but impossible so I finally went with overall good looks which means I now feel really bad about number 2. Anyway, my primary criteria, other than having silver, white or gray hair, was that they are an interesting character that I enjoy watching. Still, this one was really difficult. I’d love to know who you would have included so please leave me a comment.

Also, next week I have a Top 5 list suggested by Kendra Ressler who is one of my patrons. As part of their reward tier they get to suggest three post topics in a year and this is their first one and it is focussed on My Hero Academia. I’m really looking forward to writing it and even though the post will come out after I’ve gone on break, I’m hoping everyone will enjoy it. Thanks to Kendra for the great suggestion.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable mentions go to Undertaker (Black Butler), Tomoi (Kamisama Kiss) and Lag Seeing (Letter Bee).

Number 5: Hitsugaya from Bleach



It feels kind of wrong for Hitsugaya to be so low on this list given I absolutely love him as a character but when I thought about why I liked him, his hair doesn’t feature very high. his attitude, his sword, his eyes and his very cool ice power featured heavily, but his hair style and colour were more of a side note. Still, Hitsugaya is an amazing character so I’m glad he didn’t fall off the list altogether.

Number 4: Zero from Vampire Knight



As much as I do tend to mock Vampire Knight and its storyline, I have to admit Kiryuu Zero is a really fun character to watch. That’s probably slightly mean to say given most of what you are watching is his descent into depression as the vampire hunter transforms into a vampire and feels incredible guilt over sucking the blood of his crush but I just enjoy him as a character. As for his hair colour, other than providing a strong contrast with the other love interest, I really couldn’t imagine Zero with any other colour. He always seems a little washed out and detached from the world and his hair kind of helps give that impression.

Number 3: Weismann from K



This issue with Weismann is that we see so very little of him. Flashbacks are all well and good but given his body is snatched before the events of the first episode of K, we really don’t see much of him. That said, his silver hair, given he’s the silver king and all, is kind of important and I really enjoy his character (what little we see of it). Brilliant and detached with a slightly off-beat sense of humour, he remains an enigma even after he regains his memories and I absolutely love every moment of screen time he gets.

Number 2: Allen Walker from D Gray Man



I know. I can’t believe Allen isn’t number 1 on this list either. Much like Zero, Allen is a pretty tragic character to watch and I can’t get enough of it. He’s one of my favourite characters of all time. Want a strong and loyal character who will literally fight to the death and even beyond for what he believes to be right but isn’t exactly a saint? Then Allen will entertain you for hours (and hours and hours given the run time of the show now). Though I definitely have a preference for his character design in the original series rather than Hallow (too colourful in Hallow).

Number 1: Victor from Yuri on Ice



I did warn you at the beginning I split 1 and 2 by overall looks and as much as I love Allen as a character, Victor is pretty impressively charming. I think it was the fact that for once there was an anime character who was actually in his late twenties that was being treated as desirable by pretty much everyone rather than as an old man (typical of high school anime) that really got me focussed on his character. Then, of course, there’s his talent, charisma, and developing relationship with Yuri, and all and all I really did fall in love with his character during Yuri on Ice – even if I know that in reality his personality would drive me completely crazy.

So there is my list of silver haired anime males. Who would you include on yours?

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33 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Males with Silver Hair

  1. Oh, Victor! He looks amazing, I can’t tear my eyes away. From the start of the season, opening scenes I was really already falling for him XD His personality though, I couldn’t cope with that IRL either XD

    1. He’s a great character but I would probably tip a bucket of watch over his head if I had to deal with him in real life for more than an hour.

  2. OMG yes- tragic characters are my life. Allen is my all-time favourite character, but I definitely had a crush on Zero growing up! I don’t know if I like Hitsugaya’s change in the manga, but I liked how badass he is with his Zanpakuto. Great list here!

  3. Love Allen Walker. He’d definitely be on my list. I’d add Gintoki from Gintama, Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood, Undertaker from Kuroshitsuji, and Azazel from Shingeki no Bahamut. Also, props on Yin being the top in the the female list. She’s one of my favorite female characters.

  4. Hm, unfortunately I don’t know anyone from the list except Viktor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But! I can’t stop myself and want to shamelessly add several names!
    Kaworu (NGE) – was making shounen-ai implications when it wasn’t mainstream, long before Viktor
    Ginko-san (Mushishi) – just because he is the main character of one of my favourite shows about supernatural. And he is unbelievably cool!
    Lawrence (Wolf and Spice) – he invented barter (hehe) and his relationships with Horo are amazing despite the fast that he’s a mere human and she is a Goddess
    And if you’re allowing a wider silver shades spectre:
    Takemoto (Honey & Clover) – again, the main character of one of my favourite anime and just a good guy who is ready to do everything for his friends

    And thank you for the post and for the topic – it was a lot of fun!

    1. My issue with Kaworu is I saw the whole getting squished sequence when I was a bit too young and every time I see him I just see how he died in the anime.
      Thanks for sharing your choices.

  5. Before I ever saw Vampire Knight, I stumbled across Zero and was encouraged to watch it because of what I found from there! I love Zero as a character. And, of course, Victor, because of course. I, like you, appreciate that Victor is a man well into his late 20s and isn’t considered old. Yuri himself is in his mid-20s after all. It’s nice when anime features protagonists in their 20s and 30s.

    1. It is quite rare. Actually, I was thinking sometime soon after my break I’m going to need to do a top 5 list on anime characters who are older but are still considered diserable and not mocked for being old.

  6. I knew Victor would be on this list but was curious to see whether he’d end up on top. Seems like he did. He is a very charming character and I hope we learn more about him in the coming installments.

    Adolf is one of my favorite characters from K and the flashback scenes were always fun. As for Zero, I wasn’t too impressed by him but I think I liked him better than Kaname and Yuki.

    1. I think that’s why I like Zero because I like him better than Kaname and Yuki. Its a terrible reason to like a character but for Zero it is enough.

  7. Ha! I had a hunch Victor was going to top the list. And I love Allen too, one of my favourite fictional characters! This was fun to read, thanks 🙂

  8. This was a fantastic list! Minus Zero (cause I don’t like him) and Victor (cause I’ve never seen YOI), I agree with your suggestions. Although Hitsugaya would be way higher. He’s pretty much the reason I kept watching Bleach.

    1. Yes, I am a big Hitsugaya fan but it isn’t for his hair. When I get around to characters with certain colour eyes he’ll definitely feature.

  9. Well, it probably won’t be a big surprise when I say that the only character in your list that I know is Victor. Sigh, i really wish i could take a year off from work and catch up on all these great shows that I have yet to see 😊😊

    1. From this list, I’d really recommend D Gray Man (big surprise). Admittedly, the original series runs 103 episodes and doesn’t finish the story and then there’s an 8 year gap before Hallow which is only 13 episodes and doesn’t finish the story. Still, totally worth it.

      1. Lol, real big surprise 😂Just checked after reading this, if I can see it in my area. D Gray man Hallow is available, bit the original series isn’t. Aarghhh so annoying. Well, I will see if I can track it down some other way. Thanks for the recommendation.😊

  10. I love Shougo from Psycho Pass of course! He is my #1 bae <3 I also love Decim from Death Parade, Ginko from Mushi-Shi, Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita, and Akise from Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) :3

    1. Fair enough. While I did watch the first season of Gintama, I never really clicked with it so while I appreciate he would be on a lot of people’s lists, he just wasn’t someone I think about when planning my own.

  11. Viktor and Weismann made the list!! I love these two characters so I’m happy to see there here! 😀 This was a really nice list! 😀

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