Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters with Black Hair in Anime

Tuesday's Top 5

Time to update this list. There are just so many great female characters with black hair that it would be hard for this list to never change.

While not as flashy as certain other colours, there’s something to be said about the beauty of black hair. Below are my top 5 female characters from anime with black hair and I’d love to know your picks. I kind of based the selection on how cool a beauty they were so some of my favourite black haired characters got cut a little bit. 

Please note there are potential spoilers in the descriptions below.

Honourable mentions: Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach) and Ran Mao (Black Butler).

And moving down from number 5 is Yukino Yukinoshita (SNAFU). Sorry Yukino.


Number 5: Rory Mercury (GATE)

Do not let the cute costume fool you. This black haired beauty is almost a millennium old and a demi-goddess to boot. You do not want to mess with her even if she isn’t wielding her scythe because she’s another on this list with a dangerously sharp tongue. While Rory has some very fine moments on screen (when she isn’t being used for fan service purposes), her finest hour came when she visited earth and was testifying about the actions the soldiers took on the battlefield.  It was a fantastically delivered speech that left very little room for argument.

Number 4: Mei Misaki (Another)

For someone being shunned by her classmates in a desperate but futile attempt to ward off a death curse, Mei Misaki certainly defines grace under pressure. You almost want to see what she was like at school prior to entering grade 9 just to see whether the girl we meet is who she always was or whether the successive pressures of being in the class, being made invisible, and the death of her sister played a role in creating the cool and quiet Mei we meet.

Number 3: Chuyun (Voice of Fox)

Voice of Fox Episode 10 Chuyun and Hu Li

Chuyun is just gorgeous. As an idol, that’s kind of expected, but even when she’s just at school or hanging out on the roof where she regularly ends up chatting with Hu Li, there’s an elegance about her. While I would have liked more from her character story in Voice of Fox, she was an excellent supporting character, and really, her solo was just phenomenal. 

Number 2: Rei Hino (Sailor Moon)

Rei is an interesting character, mostly because she can switch between cool and sophisticated to middle school brat in the blink of an eye (and usually when in the presence of Serina). Still, in the 1990’s Sailor Moon, she was the cool beauty of the group and the sometime rival for Darien’s attention prior to the whole revelation that he was Tuxedo Mask etc. I’m kind of glad Sailor Moon got an update if for no other reason than it saved Rei from some of those dreadful 1990’s fashion choices (the pink overalls are definitely springing to mind).

Number 1: Yuuko (xxxHolic/Tsubasa Chronicles)

The cool and mysterious dimensional witch and a very intriguing lady, Yuuko can be every bit the lady, or she can drink herself silly while lazing about and still look cool doing it. Don’t expect a straight answer from her and don’t expect a favour without payment, but she does always honour her agreements no matter how hard a bargain she drives. With a fantastic wardrobe full of a wide variety of truly glamorous and unique outfits, Yuuko is my number one pick for a true cool beauty with black hair in anime.

That’s my list done so throwing it over to you. Which lovely ladies have made your list?

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Karandi James

18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters with Black Hair in Anime

  1. Mei and Yuuko would definitely be on my list as well. Others would include Yayoi (Psycho Pass), Anri (Durarara), Rin (Fate), Mikasa (AoT). Oops that’s six.

        1. That works.
          That’s the hardest thing about doing top 5 lists. I regularly have to leave out characters I’d really love to see on a list because I just can’t fit everyone.

      1. Oh my gosh. Same here! Her outfits are just so awesome. Well, if we were Yuuko, we’ll have people who’ll help us wear them if we don’t know how. 😉

  2. My list would probably be something like:
    5: Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
    4: Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill
    3: Ripple from Magical Girl Raising Project
    2: Shirabe Tsukuyomi from Symphogear
    1: Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    Rukia, Rory and Rei are all pretty great picks, too.

  3. I’m so glad to see Mei on this list. She was hands down my favorite character from Another, and without her the series would never have been as great as it was now 😊 My favorite raven hailed character though has got to be Misaki from Attack on Titan. She seriously knows how to kick ass (pardon my language), but is also a very amazing character 😀

  4. Yah, I loved the whole scene at the Diet, one of my favorite scenes in the series – but Rory’s part stole the show. (Except for maybe Lelei’s deadpan “I’m nineteen”.)

    But as far as favorite raven haired characters? Hands down the dark angel otaku – Kuroneko (Goku Ruri). Not the least of which because her VA (Hanazawa Kana, who is also doing a bang up job in Love & Lies and Tsuredure Children this season) was so good at expressing her personality.

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