Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016

2016 was a great year for anime and while I don’t really ever intend just to do a list of top 5 characters ever I kind of feel I can pick a favourite from a single year. Much like my reflections post, this one is entirely my own opinion so feel free to add your favourite females from 2016 in the comments below.

So how did I choose my top 5 female characters? Pretty much they played a significant role in their anime, were entertaining to watch, and, for whatever reason, memorable. They also had to be in an anime that aired at some point during 2016 (either continuing on from 2015, completely in 2016, or at least started before the end of 2016).

Please Note – There will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions go to: Izetta (Izetta: The Last Witch) and Manami Okuda (Assassination Classroom Season 2).

Number 5: Ubukata Chikako (Days)


And before you ask ‘who’ she’s the female manager in Days who comes on board after first trying to convince Tsukamoto that it’s hopeless and he should just give up. While her screen time is fairly limited and she plays very much the angry girl (a lot), she’s actually a pivotal character for Tsukamoto when he’s at his lowest and is also the one who quietly assists when Kazuma and Tsukamoto have their near falling out. It’s what I like about her character. She’s there is most episodes doing what she needs to do and she doesn’t intrude on screen time for the same of it. Plus I like how we see her change from angry with the world and fairly pessimistic, to grudgingly accepting that hard work will work out for some, to genuinely hopeful even as she still holds on to her basic cynicism. I also love her ongoing relationship with Tsukamoto. She kind of takes on the tough older sister role and it works really well.

Number 4: Edna (Tales of Zestiria the X)


Even before this character ever made an appearance, fans of the game were going on and on about her. It kind of made me think she couldn’t possibly live up to that hype and then we met her. Admittedly her screen time in the anime is low but she was certainly one of the more interesting characters. Okay, I just love sarcasm and Edna nails a good sarcastic comment. She’s also one of the more interesting characters in the previews at the ends of episodes. All and all, definitely a fun character to watch and one I think Sorey needed given Alicia and Mikleo don’t exactly push him out of his comfort zone.

Number 3: Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2)


This one should have been an obvious choice. I was already in love with this character after season 1 and season 2 just continued to show how amazing she is. Unlike season 1, Shirayuki faces some real danger in season 2 and she really manages to hold it together even while they show us her inner turmoil. Throw in progress in her friendship with Raj, her romance with Zen, and a bit of back story with her father and season 2 really helps round out her character and the world.

Number 2: Tomoe Hotaru (Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3)


It was hard narrowing down which of the Sailor Moon Crystal cast really left the largest impression. It came down to Chibi-Usa and Hotaru and when all is said and done Hotaru was the more interesting character. The tragic and frail girl that is befriended by Chibi-Usa we see a genuine friendship form between the pair before Hotaru’s body is forcibly overtaken. If that wasn’t enough, turns out she’s also Sailor Saturn and may very well destroy the world so the Outer Guardians are aiming to kill her before she gets the chance. A very memorable character and an awesomely powered one as well. Would have loved more of her in the series.

Number 1: Igsem Yatorishino (Alderamin on the Sky)


Fiery red haired beauty dual wielding swords on a battle field and able to keep a hopeless womanizer in check? Yatorishino is all kinds of impressive and the fact that she also has a personality and isn’t just a stoic yes-man soldier girl (though she can certainly play that role when needed) just makes her even more interesting. The best parts of Alderamin on the Sky came when Ikta and Yatori were on screen together as they perfectly complement each other and yet each of these characters has a personality by themselves. Besides, none of Ikta’s plans would have ever worked without her skill. He could do what he did because he knew that Yatori would have his back and he knew just how dangerous she could be.

That’s my list of top 5 female characters from 2016. Who were yours?

15 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Characters from 2016

  1. Nice list. I would say my favorites where…
    Megumin (Konosuba)
    Chizuru (ReLIFE)
    Makoto (Flying Witch)
    Yohane! a.k.a. Yoshiko (Love Live Sunshine)
    Nozomi (Keijo)

    1. Thanks for sharing. Other than ReLIFE I didn’t watch/finish any of the other shows which is probably why none of those characters featured on my list.

  2. Of these the only one I watched was Snow White with the Red Hair but I got so excited when I saw Shirayuki on this list. She’s one of my favorite female characters. She has such drive and dedication to do her best even when something gets in her way, a quality I wish I had.

  3. I agree with you on Shirayuki. I didn’t watch the anime but read some manga chapters and thought she was a really strong character. I definitely need to get back to it!

  4. Haven’t watched any of these as you know but this definitely seems like a great list of diverse and interesting female characters.

  5. Some excellent characters in this post.

    As a fan of the game, I can definitely vouch for Edna. She’s a great character and has a hilarious personality that’s full of sarcasm. Tales always has some pretty great female characters and she’s no exception.

    I haven’t seen Aldemarin yet, but I’m curious to check it out if it has a strong female character like Yatorishino.

    I personally really liked Chinatsu from WIXOSS even if she was super manipulative and creepy a lot of the time. She had a great character arc.

    I also liked Chidori and Nico from Kiznaiver a lot.

    1. Chinatsu was an interesting character though I disliked her a lot of the time as a person, I found her fascinating as a character is for no other reason than I was waiting for her to break down.

  6. I totally agree with your number 1 choice. Yatori was a fantastic character, and one of the things that I absolutely loved in Alderamin on the Sky. A great runner up in my book was Sachiko Fujinuma, the mother from Erased. I really liked the way how she was very clearheaded, and stood up in a very good way against the abusive mother from the series. 😀

  7. What? No Naho? 😛

    From the limited selection I did watch in 2016 I would have to add Mai Kawakami from Phantom World. She was drawn like walking fanservice but at least she didn’t act that way and her character was probably one of the better ones from that show.

  8. Rooting for Shirayuki. I already know that you aren’t too fond of Flying Witch, but in my list at least one of its heroines would definitely find a place.

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