Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Anime Characters With Pink Hair

Tuesday's Top 5

Last week I looked at my favourite male characters with pink hair and realised, tragically, there just aren’t that many that I’ve remembered. Totally opposite problem this week when I tried to narrow down my list of lovely anime ladies with pink hair. Ultimately I went with characters who I felt were striking in appearance (pink hair does tend to stand out) as well as characters who added something to the plot of their story. The list ended up being a bit interesting.

I’d love to know who you are including on your list so please share your choices in the comments below.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions: Emi Yusa (The Devil is a Part-timer) and Yuno Gasai (Future Diary).

Number 5: Kofuku Ebisu (Noragami)


Kofuku may be a god of poverty and have a tendency to bankrupt men and tear rifts into the underworld leading to more phantoms being released, but you have to admit, as one of Yato’s few divine friends she’s certainly a lot of fun. She gets that sometimes you just have to go with things yet ultimately she’s ready to do what needs to be done. As a character who has offered advice, shelter, power, predictions, and full on muscle to the team when needed, Kofuku definitely earns a spot on this list.

Number 4: Amu Himamori (Shugo Chara)


Amu is definitely one of my favourite pink haired characters of all time. The contradiction between her outer appearance and personality is one that causes her no end of confusion in this magical story that very much focuses on her finding out what she actually wants to be and who she is. With three different guardian characters all pulling her in different directions as well as her own heart, Amu is a very fun character to get to know and to watch grow up and learn to really harness all of her potential.

Number 3: Yuki Takeya (School-Live)


And here is another spoiler warning just in case you missed the one earlier in the post.

Yuki is a fantastic character. When we are first introduced to her, she’s your basic school-girl air-head all happy to be with her friends and join in club activities. As you follow Yuki around in a typical day during the first episode, you note that not everything seems quite right, but it isn’t until the end of the episode you realise that Yuki is living in a zombie apocalypse and just hasn’t admitted it to herself yet. Yes, this adorable pink haired protagonist is firmly convinced everything in the world is fine and it is up to the rest of the club members to keep her from wandering outside of the barriers or getting herself killed. That would be interesting enough, but Yuki’s character has a beautiful arc as she comes to terms with what has happened and she is fantastic to watch. Definitely an anime to check out and Yuki’s character will leave a lasting impression.

Number 2: Megum Shimizu (Shiki)


Megumi may not be the main character of her series, but she is the first victim we see on screen in this vampire horror story. Megumi, so desperate to escape village life, ultimately dies and comes back as a vampire and is pretty much asked to continue living a village life. While she at first has a great deal of fun tormenting those who used to be friends, as life sours for the vampires, Megumi starts looking seriously at escape. While she is never a fantastic character, Megumi gives us some excellent creepy moments and she is a character who is very true to what she wants at all times.

Number 1: Masami Iwasawa (Angel Beats)


It is no secret that I have a deep love of Angel Beats, and a lot of that came about because of Iwasawa’s character. Prior to the episode that focused on Iwasawa I’d been enjoying Angel Beats and I’d loved the music and craziness of it, but when I first heard “My Song” and watched Iwasawa ‘accept’ things, I think that was the first time Angel Beats broke my heart and it was the moment I realised that this anime was something a bit special. While its blend of over the top action and comedy as well as melodrama may not sit well with most people, for me it was an emotional roller coaster that I never could get enough of. Iwasawa’s song and character moment remain one of my favourite anime moments ever.

That’s a wrap on pink hair. Leave me a comment telling me who is on your list, and next week we’ll count down anime with dark endings.

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Karandi James

37 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Female Anime Characters With Pink Hair

  1. Really great list with some unexpected picks!

    I’d have to put Yachiru from Bleach because she’s adorable yet badass, and Yuno from Mirai Nikki because her psychotic personality made that entire show for me.

    1. All great picks. Yachiru is definitely an adorable yet badass character and one who needs to get mentioned more often. Thanks for sharing your choices.

  2. Nice list! I like Amu, though I’ve only read the manga, and Iwasawa is Iwasawa – what else needs to be said? I liked Yui too, although she’s no Iwasawa, but she won me over in her own clumsy way.

    My own five favorite pinkettes are a somewhat unique crew. In no particular order:

    Sakura Haruno (Naruto), being that I’m one of the five people on the planet who actually like her
    best catgirl Merle (The Vision of Escaflowne)
    Subaru (Wish Upon the Pleiades)
    Aguri (Gamers!)
    Yuki Yuna (transformed) (Yuki Yuna is a Hero)

    Also slightly surprised no one mentioned Madoka, even in the comments. I mean, she wouldn’t make my top five list (too passive for my tastes), but I know how popular she is.

    1. I think Madoka as a show as popular though most people pick many of the other girls as their favourites rather than Madoka herself (as you said, she’s pretty passive).
      Thanks for sharing your list.

  3. Megan her character I dislike for obvious reasons during the series lol but Fluro pink hair memorising. You have a personal fav of mine AMU !! I haven’t seen shugo chara in such a long time I really hope to talk about this series at some point. One my favourite magical girl series 😄

    1. I really should do something more on Shugo Chara at some point. I did review it all ready but it is such a great series and so under-represented sometimes that I feel a post about it would probably be great fun.

  4. It’s nice to see Kofuku on the list! She’s my favourite goddess after Yato (I mean Bishamon is wonderful herself too) and I liked how she can be annoying and yet reasonable at the same time. Also it looks like she has a lot of tact and even after both seasons, still haven’t shown her full potential.
    Iwasawa’s songs = Died inside.

    1. Yes, another reason for another season of Noragami is so we can get more Kofuku.
      Iwasawa really needed more time in Angel Beats and yet her few moments had a real impact.

  5. https://www.ranker.com/list/anime-characters-with-pink-hair/ranker-anime But I’ll strongly recommend first: the jungle goddess Guu from Hale Nochi Guu AND the littlest pinkette soldier from Bleach, whose Bankai is a gigantic brute of a man who can kill enemies just by glaring at them hard. She’s so tough she never lets it go, and uses him for transportation and getting people to give her candy. That’s why he doesn’t have a bankai. He’s HER bankai. She looks about 8 years old.

    1. Lacus was definitely in my initial brainstorm but unfortunately slowly got moved further down the list until she fell out of the top 5. I just didn’t like her as much as some of these other characters.

  6. Interesting list. Nice to see some Shiki love around here! 😉

    Regarding the pink hair girls, I would personally nominate Mizuki Himeji (Baka to Test), Narumi Momose (Wotakoi) and perhaps controversially, Lucy/Nyu (Elfen Lied)! 😛

    1. Thanks for sharing your choices. Lucy/Nyu was great fun as a character and did consider her when I was drafting this list.

  7. Thank you for this list. I’ve been getting annoyed by only thinking of pink haired female characters as those who just do whatever they want and break all the rules of something however they feel like it. I’m glad you wrote to this remind me that they can be good and actually be reasonable characters.

    1. I actually avoided pink as a list for a long time because I worried about that too. Then I remembered all the great pink haired ladies out there and decided they needed a list.

  8. I really like both Megumi and Yuki, they’re great choices!

    I think megumi is a really good side character, she has a lot of interesting things going on but doesn’t take too much time away. I think the whole part of the story where she stalks her crush as a vampire is a brilliantly sad, tragic and messed up part of the series. It was a really strange and interesting conflict to have in my opinion.

    1. It was great (Megumi stalking Natsuno) and certainly something that kept the story moving early on when not a lot else was happening overtly.

  9. I know virtually nothing about Angel Beats and Shugo Chara, but the others I’ve either seen or at least know about. Yuki was a great character. I always thought her portrayal was quite complex, especially with her friends both protecting her delusions to keep her from pain, but also using them as a way to pretend that they could ignore what was going on around them.

    1. Yuki was an awesome character and while I don’t really like her personality type, it was used so incredibly well in School-Live. As you said, the portrayal was quite complex and well used by the plot. It was fantastically done.

      1. I honestly expected to find her annoying with her general character type. If it hadn’t been for the route they took, it’s possible she would have irritated me quite a bit. It was such a good series.

  10. I always think of Megumi when I think pink haired female actually. Maybe it’s because Shiki has such bright hair colour for everyone compared to the overall visuals. I love every character on the list except Yuki(I haven’t watched School-Live) but I think Amu’s my favourite. It’s also been so long since I saw anyone mention Shugo Chara.

    1. Shugo Chara is one of those underappreciated gems. I think if I’d seen it when I was a little younger it would have thrown Sailor Moon over for preferred show.

  11. Ahh….I was looking forward to this post! (Of course I should have expected that I only know one character from this list, Yuki ) But despite that I always enjoy finding out about new characters, and this post was awesome 😊
    I’m adding Lisbeth from Sword Art Online to the list. Even though she didn’t really play a major role…I still really liked the character and I wish that she was featured more in the series 😊

  12. I could relate a lot to Megume since I grew up in a town of 600 and I wanted to leave. She was pretty selfish and annoying but again like you said she was true to what she wanted so that made those traits really work for her character.

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