Tuesday’s Top 5: Cool Users of Ice Magic

I think I’ve mentioned earlier (probably in a review about My Hero Academia) but I am a sucker for ice magic or pretty much any power that is built on ice. It is always beautiful to watch and is one of the more versatile magic powers you see in anime. That said, it isn’t always the strongest or flashiest, but it has produced some of my very favourite anime characters and narrowing down this list was incredibly difficult.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable mention this week goes to Shiva from Final Fantasy X. Only reason she’s not on the list is because she’s not actually in an anime but a video game. Still, the absolute best attack sequence in the entire game to the point where I’d activate it even when it was completely useless just to watch the animation.

Number 5: Hanabusa Aido from Vampire Knight


Okay, the anime isn’t awesome and the protagonist is kind of lame (though there is some fun to be had in watching this Twilightesque anime and most of that is in the powers the vampires bring to the table). Hanabusa’s power rarely gets used in maor fight sequences however his ice power definitely expresses his displeasure at times. Fur such a hot-headed character his power at times seems like a mis-match and yet he uses it with an elegance at times that definitely matches his desired persona.

Number 4: Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon


No surprise that the scout made the list when you consider what a huge Sailor Moon fan I am. While Mercury is most often linked to water powers, her initial attack in Sailor Moon (other than just blinding their enemies in fog) also chilled the temperature to freezing. While this wasn’t particularly effective as a weapon to any but the lowest minions it was certainly kind of cool given unlike all the other scouts, Mercury’s power had a lingering area effect.

Honestly I found it nearly impossible to split the final 3.

Number 3: Hitsugaya from Bleach


If you don’t already know why Hitsugaya is cool (other than the fact that his sword can control the weather and summon ice dragons and can freeze enemies) then it’s going to be hard for me to convince you. Hitsugaya is the youngest captain in Soul Society and he is brilliant and powerful. He is also rather feisty and has a sharp temper but is absolutely committed to saving his friends and (unlike most other captains) takes his responsibilities very seriously. Plus, that sword is amazing.

Number 2: November 11 from Darker Than Black


Now November 11’s ice power may not be as impressive as Hitsugaya’s and he isn’t a vampire or a Sailor Scout, but he is perhaps the coolest of all the characters on this list. In any situation he is laid back and delivers his lines in a dry and understated manner with absurdities dropped in just to see the reaction he gets before he tells the stunned listener, “that was a joke”. He’s also the only character on this list who died during the course of his anime in what was perhaps one of the sadder death sequences I’ve seen in an action anime. At least he got to skip his final cigarette.

Number 1: Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail


I said at the beginning that I liked ice magic because it was beautiful and nothing beats Gray’s Ice Make. This versatile magic continuously surprises as Gray expands his already impressive range of magical weapons and uses for ice. However, other than his amazing magic, Gray topped the list because he himself is pretty amazing. He’s a shonen protagonist playing second fiddle in an anime to a guy who eats fire but he manages to shine regardless. Throw in a tragic past and an absolute desire to get stronger and he’s just fantastic.

These are my Top 5 Coolest Users of Ice Magic. Who would you choose?

11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Cool Users of Ice Magic

    1. Hitsugaya is kind of up there with my favourite character of all time. He just managed to really stand out in an anime full of over the top, and overpowered characters. He’s just awesome.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. I just didn’t pay that much attention to the powers in that show so didn’t even think about the characters when making this list.

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