Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters with Blue Hair (Female)

Tuesday's Top 5

My very first Top 5 list featured our fiery red headed females, so now it’s time for the characters with blue hair. I will eventually run out of hair colours but I’ll space them out given there are so many other topics to cover. Next week I will cover the anime guys and that’s a list I’m really looking forward to.

So what is so special about blue hair? Other than its a colour you don’t normally see outside of anime, it tops some of the most interesting characters around. I actually started with a phenomenally long list of characters I wanted to feature in this list and slowly whittled it down. My final decision came down to how interesting they were as a character and how distinctive their hair was within their anime.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable mentions to Rei Ayaname (Evangelion), Wendy and Juvia (Fairy Tail), and Tsumiki (Acchi Kocchi).

Number 5: Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul

Touka isn’t exactly a nice character. Her first encounter with Kaneki is anything but nice, and yet she does take him under her wing (I promise that wasn’t a deliberate pun). Touka’s hair isn’t exactly amazing but the style is perfect for her as a character. It kind of insinuates that she’s hiding who she is and keeping the world at a distance, while at the same time allows her to look completely cool and ice cold when she lets herself go. She’s a great character in a dark anime and one who suffers from a lot of inner conflict.

Number 4: Tabitha o Tabasa from The Familiar of Zero

I’ll admit this one might seem left field but even in amongst the many female mages in this anime Tabitha stands out. She’s a total book worm and usually lost in her own little world but when she get’s serious she’s unstoppable and there’s a lot of pain hidden behind those glasses. Mostly a laconic character she still manages to give her friends the advice they need and speaks up when the occasion calls for it. So what’s not to like about an incredibly smart and power magic user who regularly steals the scene with her cool headed and direct approach to the situations the characters find themselves in?

Number 3: Kaname Chidori from Full Metal Panic

No matter how I look at it, Kaname deserves some sort of medal. She’s kidnapped, has medical experiments performed on her, and assigned a body guard that just does not get Japanese high school life and yet she still manages to take most things in stride. She does get a nomination for most useless hair ribbon ever (and if anyone can explain how it even stays in her hair I’d be thrilled). I think it is Kaname’s contrasts between super focussed and serious and extreme violence (in the nicest possible way) that makes her stand out. She’s responsible for a lot of the humour and a lot of the darkest moments in the series, but where she really shines is in Full Metal Panic Fumoffu which focusses far more on Kaname and Sousuke’s everyday school lives.

Number 2: Rikka Takanashi from Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

I’ve featured Rikka before in my list of eye patch wearing characters. This time it’s her hair that has our attention. While I’m still on the fence about whether her hair is blue or purple, it is definitively Rikka. In addition to her amazing and distinct sense of style, Rikka is just an incredibly fun character to spend time watching. Whether she’s lost in a delusion, struggling with maths, or coming to terms with her emotions, she is always entertaining (if occasionally heart wrenching).

Number 1: Ami from Sailor Moon

Okay, we probably should have predicted this one. From the original 90’s series, Sailor Mercury was the only scout with any sense and all of the scouts would have been dead at least ten times over without her around. While her bubble power’s effectiveness is questionably, there is no doubt that once she powers up in season 2 she is a very valuable member of the fighting team. Besides, Ami was one of the only scouts to go straight up against evil Prince Darian and she succeeded at getting the crystal away from him and saving all of the trapped rainbow crystal carriers. And she did it without backup. Ami, you rock.

So that’s my top 5 but who would you have put on your list? Next week, we will definitely check out the guys.


19 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5 – Characters with Blue Hair (Female)

  1. Blue Hair is probably the easiest list to make. The Japanese lover their blue hair.

    Bulma Briefs: (Dragonball Series) Pretty much in ever version of Dragonball ever created. She is one of the first characters we meet on the very first episode. She starts off as a ditzy teen wishing for a lifetime supply of strawberries and a boyfriend. Along the way we see her mature greatly. She transforms herself from that selfish teen to a hardcore scientist, business mogul, wife and mother. She is instrumental in the redemption of arc the character with most well rounded story Vegeta transforming him with her love and patience from a selfish villain to a hero by the end. She saves the Earth countless times with her brains and not her brain. She creates inventions that make all their lives better. In a future timeline she raises her son with Vegeta alone and sends him back in time to save the future. Really you could write a whole article is easily the top blue haired character in looks, success and compassion.

    Juvia Locksar: (Fairy Tail) Ok this one is a personal favorite I love Juvia. She is extremely pretty, very powerful and has a very kinky side to her. (she wears all sorts of revealing clothes for Gray and wants him to spank her when she is bad) Honestly a guy would love for a woman to treat him like that in real. She can go a bit overboard I’ll admit, but its more cute than scary.

    Lady Kyra: (Ronin Warriors) One the first shows I ever saw on TV. It came on the old Toonami block before Sailor Moon. What sticks out here is Lady Kyra. She doesn’t appear until later in the series and initially as an antagonist. She is extremely powerful and able to take on all the ronin warriors at once. Her signature attack is the Star Sword Scream which lays waste an entire landscape with celestial light. Definitely memorable, but maybe not the most well rounded as anime back in the era usually featured flatter characters.

    Sasami: (Tenchi Muyo series) Younger Princess of Jurai and Goddess (depending on which version you see). Sasami was easily the most endearing of the girls in the Tenchi series. She is very cute, does lots of chores including cooking and cleaning, and is adorable. Depending on his choice she may be the one who ends up with him when she grows up. Her future self they see is extremely gorgeous and very refined.

    Neliel: (Bleach) former third ranked Espada and pretty much all around bad ass. She is all smiles and cute at first. Then once she regains her form she gets seriously powerful. Not much of an arc. I was really reaching here, but by sheer power alone she deserves to be remembers

    Vados: (Dragonball Super) She gets an honorable mention here. Technically as a Celestial being she is stronger than a God of Destruction. However we see very little of her in the series. If she plays more of a role in the future arcs she may surpass Neliel.

  2. A blue hair list with no Rei? Now that is a welcome surprise. I was glad to see Tabitha up there ^^

    1. I just don’t find Rei that interesting. She’s really important in her story, but she doesn’t quite hold my attention the way some of these others do.

      1. I know what you mean. It’s her life outside of the franchise, in fan art and fiction, that’s far more interesting.

  3. Ami is pretty much the best blue haired girl around xDD. Smart, cool and intelligent. Good combinations to have. Agree, her powers are questionable when it comes up against Neptune. Since both are water based. Good post!!.

  4. Sarashiki Tatenashi from Infinite Stratos is the first character that made me want to watch a show just because I liked how she looks. And yes, by then, I already knew how generic Infinite Stratos is since I watched the first season. Her blue-haired allure was strong enough to make me watch her debut episode nonetheless.

    I wouldn’t necessarily say she makes my list, however, since I don’t know her much about her at all.

    Your list was great as usual. It was also interesting to see you list some hot-blooded girls since I tend to think of blue-haired characters as coolheaded. They’re all cool, though!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I originally thought I’d end up with a list of all calm characters when I went with blue but then I remembered a few others. It ended up being an interesting list to write.

  5. Cool article. I’ll have to go back and check out your red hair one now.

    Blue in comics and character design typically portrays stability, wisdom, and trust. Ami has a lot of blue, and exudes these qualities. I see lot of that in Touka as well, but I unfortunately don’t know the other characters well enough to comment.

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