Top 5: Characters Who Are a Bit Strange

Tuesday's Top 5

There are many anime characters who are a bit strange.

Alright, anime characters by their very nature are usually a bit strange. They are after all living in the anime universe and not the real world. That said, there are some characters that take being a bit peculiar to all new levels of strange. Sometimes there’s a really good reason for their actions (childhood trauma, etc), and other times they just like doing what they do. So today’s top 5, I’m focussing on my favourite top 5 characters who are a bit strange.

This list is kind of similar to my list on characters who weren’t all there but on that list I went more with characters who were a bit spacey and oblivious rather than characters who clearly have direction its just weird what direction they’ve chosen.

Please Note: There are some plot spoilers below if you read the descriptions.

Honourable mentions this week go to Oculus from Death Parade and Misaki Mei from Another.

Number 5: Koko Hekmatyar from Jormangand


Koko is an arms dealer in Jormungand. She’s tough and almost impossible to phase even if you point a gun directly at her face. That said, she’s also more than a little bit odd. She’s got a strange moral code and at times her decisions about who to deal with and who to walk away from seems fairly arbitrary. Also, after spending a lot of her childhood on battlefields she has picked up one very strange habit after she was told by one of her body guards she should always be smiling. All and all, Koko is a character I love, but the girl is strange.

Number 4: Kagerou Shoukin from Inu X Boku


This guy sees everything in the world through the classification of either being an S (sadist) or an M (masochist) and he goes to great lengths to explain his reasons and logic to those around him even when they tell him they don’t care. Even a Lazy Susan in a Chinese restaurant doesn’t escape classification.

Kagerou is one seriously annoying character in Inu x Boku, but he does have style and you certainly can’t accuse him of not being true to who he is. But yes, he deserves to be on a list of characters who are a bit strange.

Number 3: Miyo Takano from Higurashi


Miyo’s strangeness is really entirely understandable given the horrific experiences she had at the orphanage as a child, but that doesn’t excuse her decision to kill an innocent child and then massacre an entire village just to prove that her adopted father’s research was actually right all along. Higurashi’s villainess is definitely a bit on the strange side.

You do have to admire her dedication to the long term plan and she’s certainly tried to account for all the loose ends. If not for time looping and the power of friendship, she’d have definitely succeeded and she did many, many times before she was finally defeated.

Number 2: Akito Sohma from Fruits Basket


Alright, if you just watch the anime, Akito is just a bully and a nutjob (at least until the Final Season of Fruits Basket finally gave Akito a bit more nuance). Violent temper tantrums, control issues, and outright torture of younger family members litter the scenes Akito appear in.

There’s some attempt to justify this extreme personality in the manga, though while it helps you to see why Akito is so crazy it doesn’t really justify Akito’s actions given for the most part this is a case of misplaced anger. A tragic figure through and through, there’s something compelling about Akito so that even when you hate what Akito is doing, you can’t really look away.


Number 1: Ladd Russo and Claire Stanfield from Baccano

I couldn’t really split these two. In a show full of strange and extreme characters with strange and extreme personalities (Baccano), these two still managed to distinguish themselves as being severely unhinged and yet fantastic fun to watch. Their show down on top of the train was one of the highlights of an anime I loved through and through. They are also oddly similar though Claire is clearly the more refined.

Neither is squeamish or has an issue with blood and they both wholly believe in their abilities and that their actions and justified. They also severely lack empathy for pretty much anyone else except their chosen lady. All and all, these two guys are awesome to watch on screen but I would never, ever want to meet anyone like them.

Who is your favourite characters who are a bit strange in anime?

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9 thoughts on “Top 5: Characters Who Are a Bit Strange

    1. That’s kind of the fun of the show. Ladd and Claire though stand out even amongst the other oddballs (though Isaac and Miria probably deserved a mention as well).

  1. OMG Kagerō Shōkiin was one of my favourite characters from that show because of how fucking weird he is, hahaha. I also absolutely loved Ladd Russo. The man was bat shit fucking insane and it was glorious. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. 😀 Would it be alright if I did the Top 5 Tuesday once in a while? I would always credit it back to you. It just sounds like a fun post to do. Anyway, have a lovely day!

    1. I certainly can’t call this one an original idea or take credib for it, so feel free to do a Top 5 any day.
      Though, I’d love to know if you do just so I can check it out.

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