Top 5: Characters that are not all there.

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Okay, anime is full of zany, quirky characters but every now and then we come across a character who you just have to wonder what is going on inside their head (if anything). There characters can be fun and amusing or they can be completely annoying but they usually leave a fairly lasting impression. So who are my favourite anime characters that are not all there?

For the most part I’ve tried to avoid genuinely insane characters (or characters that have a mental illness where it is being treated seriously) or master mind villains because they fall into a category all of their own. That said, we’ve got some explosive tempers, some extreme flamboyance, and some really weird motivations from some of these characters.

Who are your favourite anime characters that are not all there?

List updated January 2019.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable Mention: The Colourless King from K (Previously number 5).

Honourable Mention: Schokolade from Jormungand (Previously number 4)

Number 5: Karuta Roromiya from Inu X Boku SS

Karuta is another food obsessed girl and she is one spacey character. It is difficult to know what she is thinking but as Watanuki points out, she always knows what she is doing even if the rest of us don’t get it. Besides, how can we hate someone who helps small animals, likes to eat, and can transform into a giant skeleton if push comes to shove?

Number 4: Prince Mare from Dame X Pri

I really enjoyed meeting Prince Mare in DamePri. Outside of Ani he was definitely the best part of the show. A reclusive shut in who would speak only through his puppet it took Ani a great deal of effort to get Mare out of his room and even then he would find humorous ways to avoid sunlight, such as stuffing himself in a barrel or a chest. Still, when it came to pursuing his hobbies Mare was second to none. Not to mention his cynical observations of the other princes.

Number 3: Ladd Russo from Baccano (Previously number 2)

While he is definitely a villain he isn’t a crazy evil genius. Ladd is just… obsessed with violence? An egomaniac? Completely disconnected from reality? It’s hard to know but a character who chooses to wear white in order to show the blood better definitely deserves a mention as someone who isn’t all there. And Ladd is such an upbeat murderer.

That said, other than hunting the thrill of violence and death, his motives remain totally in the dark as does any reason for his warped personality. I wasn’t even a little upset when he was beaten and had to abandon the train though his survival was a little regrettable.

Number 2: Bakugou from My Hero Academia

Bakugou is brilliant, driven, and incredibly talented, but the kid who wants to be a hero comes up with a hero name of Lord Explosion Murder so you have to question some of his common sense. Whether you are friend or foe, you have to be wary of Bakugou’s incredible temper as he is seeking a justice all of his own and while we might be starting to see him grow a little, explosions still follow in Bakugou’s wake (I feel kind of bad for his parents when he was growing up because wow he takes temper tantrum to a whole new level).

Number 1: Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

There’s not a lot you can really say about Grell except that he knows exactly who he is and he isn’t about to change. This is one flamboyant character who enjoys a good fight as much as a good flirt (though in Sebastian’s case Grell would love to go beyond flirting). Grell’s favourite colour is red and he personifies the fiery and diverse nature of this colour from passion through to violence. That said, we know next to nothing about Grell’s real feelings beneath the antics and we know next to nothing about how Grell came to be how he is. This character marches to the beat of their own drum and it works.

So that’s the list this week. Who would you have put on yours?

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Karandi James

19 thoughts on “Top 5: Characters that are not all there.

  1. I have to admit I haven’t seen many of the anime on this list, but I have seen Baccano! and Ladd Russo definitely deserves his spot! He’s one of the few anime characters that I found entertaining and deeply, absolutely terrifying at the same time.

      1. Strangely, he’s probably one of my favorite characters in anime for precisely that reason. It takes some really great writing to make someone *that* despicable *that* fun to watch. Though if I saw him in real life, I’d run the other way, too. (You’re welcome, btw!)

  2. Grell is a great pick. I definitely used to wonder what exactly went inside his mind (Apart from his precious Sebby)
    Though I never really liked his character all that much, he did contribute to some humour (and action) in the story.
    Like you always say – Thanks for sharing!
    Great list.

  3. Just because I don’t know for sure if it’s a joke or if he really is this wacky, I would select Okabe Rintarou from Steins;Gate.

    Also Stein from Soul Eater. I haven’t finished it yet but when he goes off the rails he goes hard.

  4. I really do look forward to your Tuesday posts for this! Grell, is a great pick. So is the colorless king. I’m going to have to go with Satori Tendo, from Haikyuu. He’s something else. I know you haven’t seen it but he’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head. The way he likes to tease opponents is off the wall!

  5. Had to skip the first three to avoid spoilers but Lad and Grell are both insanely fun (pun wholly intended). I wouldn’t say I liked Lad but it’s hard to deny that there was ever a boring scene when he was onscreen. The while clothes reasoning was really something else. As for Grell, I love her, she’s just so enthusiastically crazy. If I were to make a list of favorite Black Butler characters, Grell would be in the top 5.

  6. Okay, when I read a post like this I am pretty much reminded as to how much Anime I still have to catch up on (lol) as I don’t know any of these characters (drops head, and walks away in utter shame). Well, at least I get a lot of inspiration every day, so that is a good thing 😀 As for the character that springs to mind for me it is Ryo Saeba from City Hunter. The thing I liked about him is the way how he could change from a serious private detective in a complete skirtchasing moron, two seconds later. The facial expressions that went with those changes were priceless 😂😂 Great post !

    1. See, I had to look up City Hunter because I’d never heard of it. This is kind of what I like about blogging. I learn about all these things I would never have encountered otherwise.

      1. I have received so many great and fantastic tips the past weeks, and it has totally renewed my interest in Anime, ever since starting my blog. I could not agree more 😀 As for Cityhunter: it is a seriously awesome series: it contains completely over the top humor (really you can’t go wrong with a guy getting hit by an ever bigger growing hammer over the head, by a little wisp of a girl)but it has a serious side as well. And that is what is so much fun about it 😀

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