Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters I’d Like To Be Able To Call If I Needed Help

Tuesday's Top 5

You know how in Superman people call out for help and he hears them and then just zips to their side, particularly if they happen to be Lois Lane? Well, I was thinking if I had someone like that, who would it be? And then, being me, I started listing anime characters rather than actual people. So here’s the list I came up with of characters I’d like to have on call if I needed help. I’d love to know which character you would call so leave a comment below.

Please Note – There will probably be no spoilers below.

Honourable mentions this week: Karma (from Assassination Classroom), Anna (from K) and Nyanko Sensei (from Natsume Yuujinchou).

Number 5: Maka from Soul Eater

Maka really should be higher up the list but the issue is that by herself Maka isn’t that strong (she’s not exactly weak but she really does need a partner to bring out her true potential). That said, she’s a hard worker, she’s book smart, she strategizes, she never gives up, and she’ll fight to protect her friends. That actually makes her pretty versatile in terms of what help she’d be able to give.

Number 4: Sebastian from Black Butler

I know, he definitely should be number 1 given there isn’t anything he can’t do. There are two reasons Sebastian got stuck at number 4 on this list. Firstly, he’s in a contract with Ciel which makes him unavailable so probably not going to answer my call anyway. Secondly, there’s the whole contract and having your soul eaten by a demon thing. Not that it wouldn’t be fun having Sebastian show up and save the day but that’s a pretty high price tag.

Number 3: Kirito from Sword Art Online

Not as capable as Sebastian, but still able to break the rules of a computer game through sheer will and determination, plus mighty handy with a sword (or two), Kirito definitely needs a spot on this list. Plus, he’s a gamer so after he helps me out we can chat for awhile and maybe get lost in our own gaming world. He’s another one that’s pretty good at strategizing but isn’t against using brute force to get the job done, plus we know Kirito prefers to play solo so not having his friends won’t really hold him back too much.

Number 2: Erza from Fairy Tail

At some point I actually have to get back and watch more of Fairy Tail. I started it and got a few arcs into it but then got distracted and never went back. Still, Erza is fantastic and given the range of weapons and armour she’s carrying around with her, not to mention her tough attitude and big heart, there’s probably not all that many situations Erza couldn’t help out in.

Number 1: Yato from Noragami

The guy is a god. Okay, a stray god without a shrine, but still a god. Plus, you only have to pay him 5 yen. That’s way cheaper than Sebastian’s asking price. Also, Yato would be great fun just to hang around with. Seriously, I want this god’s phone number and I’m putting it on speed dial so that when I need help I know it is going to come quickly.

So that’s my list of the top five characters I’d like to able to call for help. Who is in your top five?

Thanks for reading.

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28 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Characters I’d Like To Be Able To Call If I Needed Help

  1. “Not that it wouldn’t be fun having Sebastian show up and save the day but that’s a pretty high price tag” Yeah, the whole soul thing could be a bit of an issue.

    Great topic and great list. My five choices would be Saber (Fate), Erza, Levi (Attack on Titan), Major (Ghost in the Shell) and Amber (Darker than Black – I mean, she can manipulate time). Whether any of these people would answer is another matter entirely.

    1. Levi and Amber are definitely questionable in terms of whether they would answer, though Amber would be really helpful to have around.

  2. Lol, without seeing the list I somehow knew Kirito would be on this one 😊 Great list, and great idea for a post. Let’s see, this would be my list :

    5. The Major from Ghost in the Shell: simply because she is awesome, kicks ass and I just simply love her
    4. Kirito: because well, he is the best Sword fighter out there, and pretty much no-one can stop him
    3. Mikasa from Attack on Titan: she can kick some serious titan butt, and so I don’t think I can think of anyone more qualified for taking on a job of bodyguard.
    2. Kougami from Psycho Pass: yep, armed with his Dominator and natural charisma, who can stand up to him? No-one that’s who.
    1. Roy Fokker from the original Macross saga. The best fighter pilot out there, and simply an amazing and terrific guy to have as a friend 😊

  3. Haha, my list will be a nice twist…

    5. Sakata Gintoki: You know what, just call the Yorozuya. These guys get shit done in the most comedic way possible so on top of getting the help I needed, I’ll be guaranteed extra laughter!

    4. Miyamori Aoi: As if watching Shirobako wasn’t a lot of her running errands like a marathon winner. She’ll run mine, too.

    3. Katou Megumi: She’s all bros before hoes–if you’re loyal to her then she’s going to return the favor tenfold.

    2. Hirasawa Ui: The BEST little sister anyone could wish for. If K-On! was an ongoing series, I was afraid that we’d get to see everything a human can do, performed by Ui.

    1. Nyanko-sensei: Do I even need to say much about the best fatcat in anime? You don’t even need to call him for help and he’ll come anyway, as long as you possess the one thing he’s after *cough Yuujinchou*.

  4. Certainly one of the more creative ideas for a list I have seen. Each of your choices make a lot of sense and the game-breaking Kirito would work pretty well in most scenarios by the power of DETERMINATION! It makes some characters I wouldn’t think about putting on a list the most applicable and others that I love nowhere close to being on the short list.

    This is actually a list that took me a while to think of really, solid topic.

    5. Nadie from El Cazador de la Bruja would certainly have my back in various situations. It is always handy to have a quippy bounty hunter on your side. Witches and creepy stalkers better beware with Nadie on your side!

    4. Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom would be in there as well because a giant octopus superbeing can help save me any time, plus if he was my teacher as well I can imagine myself being a better student.

    3. Sakamoto I think would flesh out my list by being the most stylish to solve my problems. Who doesn’t love a bit of style and merriment from having one’s problems solved?

    2. Rider from Fate/Zero and his flying chariot is always helpful and while he helps you he will instill great life lessons upon you at the same time which I would say is a win/win.

    1. I mean I would steal from your list Erza Scarlet of course because she has a get up for every scenario. And a totally awesome fighter, friend, and leader. I can only imagine calling her to help with like video editing and her getting down to business furiously working.

    Really solid post and great choices (I had to steal one :P).

    1. Thanks.
      Koro-sensei should have had a spot on my list but the whole tentacle thing definitely kept him off of the list in the end. Still, handy guy to have around.

  5. Cool list! I guess mine would sort of be like-
    Karma Akabane, Rin Okumura, Takaomi Saeki (no special powers but this guy is swag), Kazuma Yagami (despite his rotten personality, he’s strong) and Ritsu for comm connect.

    However, with my list, the team dynamics are going to suck- they’ll probably end up fighting among themselves and at least one of them will end up dead, so guess I need to give this more thought….

  6. YATO OMG I AGREE! He’d be on my list if I were to write one like this, too!

    KamiHaji’s Tomoe (but I’d have to kiss him on the forehead before I get to demand for him to help me)
    BokuAca’s Kirishima Eijirou/Todoroki Shouto (just… out of them all from class 1-A, they’re two of the most powerful as well as easiest persons to call for help. And actually, who wouldn’t want heroes especially during dangerous times?)
    AkaYona’s Hak (or any of the Four Dragons or Yoon. Especially Yoon if I need help in household chores or medicine-related things)
    Code Geass’ Lelouch Lamperouge (because his Geass can solve a looot of problems in an instant ;))

    1. Lelouch is an excellent choice actually, as long as it is a one time problem and as long as I can trust him not to use it on me.

  7. Limiting myself to threats requiring physical force to answer them: Kirito would also be in my top five, as would Deku. I’d round out the list with Yuuna Yuuki, Mikoto Misaka, and Kashimura Sana.

    I don’t know offhand how I’d rank them though. In terms of sheer grit, Kirito, Deku, and Yuuki would top the list. In terms of combat ability, Kirito and Yuuki top the list followed closely by Deku. (Deku’s main power lies not in All For One, but in his ability to strategize and inspire others. He’s actually not all that powerful on his own, unlike the others on my list.) In terms of raw power, Sana tops that list with everyone else in her shadow.

    For non physical, non existential, threats I’d have to ponder – because the list would vary with the threat.

    1. I think if Deku was older and had learned to really control his gift, he would definitely have a spot on my list because of his quick mind for strategising and being able to think flexibly. However, at his current level (only where he’s up to in the anime) he just isn’t going to get the job done.
      Nice choices.

    2. Railgun is a great choice, but i’d probably take Accelerator instead, he’s far less naive and far more competent, not to mention powerful, than Mikoto is. As far as Kirito is concerned, he’s only strong inside the games he plays, so if the trouble was IRL, he’d be pretty useless to have around. If we’re looking for someone to get you out of a tough spot IRL, why not take Spike from Cowboy Bebop? He’s great with a gun, smart, crafty, and nearly unmatched in hand-to-hand combat.

      1. I was thinking in terms of heroes… and Accelerator is only grudgingly a hero (and sharply limited in power at that point in the storyline).

        The usual assumption in these sorts of things is that the character is as powerful in the scenario he’s dropped into as he is in his home milieu. So, I specified the character Kirito rather than his IRL form as Kirigaya Kazuto.

      2. Wanted to nominate Accelerator too, but was beaten to it. Yeah, I would totally ask for his help and just hear him “tch-ing” while solving the matters by switching his collar on. I can think of Kamina or (latter half of TTGL’s) Simon, but I think I would make a list of Best Bro/GAR people if I were to continue.

        By the way, Kirito IRL can be surprisingly useful. He actually slight spoiler from Alicization Arc already in the Manga adapted part stabbed a dude with an umbrella… ok, I wasn’t really serious about this. Just wanted to write it

  8. Hmmmm. Top 5 Anime chartacters helper, tough one but here goes.

    #5: Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin. One of my favorite swordsman.
    #4: Saitama from One-Punch Man. Not the brightest but powerful enough to be very helpful.
    #3: Guts from Berserk. I just prefer being on his good as being on his bad side is really unhealthy.
    #2: Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star. The man can punch people back to life!
    #1: Goku from Dragonball Z. My childhood won this one.

    This list might change from time to time, depends on my mood but I would say it is pretty accurate right now.

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