Tuesday’s Top 5: Blog Posts in 2017

As the year draws to a close I figured it was time for a little bit of reflection so my count down this week isn’t one of anime characters or shows but rather the 5 posts that caught my reader’s attention over the year (working purely on views and not on engagement or actual quality of the post – that would be a very different list). There were some surprises here when I looked at the views on some posts. For convenience sake I have grouped posts on a similar topic together otherwise this list would have become pretty boring fairly quickly with the number 1 collection of posts actually including the four most viewed posts on my blog this year for reasons I still don’t quite understand.

Anyway, usually I’d ask you what you would include on your list but this topic doesn’t lend itself to that so instead I’ll ask you to let me know what your favourite post on my blog was this year.

Despite the weird line up here, I take comfort in knowing that my review of Yuri on Ice episode 1 is still the most viewed episode post I’ve ever written on this blog.

Please Note: No spoilers this week.

Hourable mention goes to the Top 5 Anime I’d Like to See Rebooted.

Number 5: Sword Oratoria Episode 1


I’m a little mystified as to why this post got so many views comparatively to other episode posts. The only thing I can think of is that DanMachi had a lot of fans and people wanted to know if this spin-off was any good or they wanted to lament with others about the fact that it wasn’t. I know I only reviewed 5 episodes before I dropped it so I’ll never get to do a series review, but Sword Oratoria is a regular search term that sends people to my blog so I guess this post will continue to get views.

Number 4: Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 5


This one I get even less than Sword Oratoria. It isn’t the first episode of the series and basically all this post does is complain about my internet connection and then retells why this show isn’t my genre. It is a dreadful post and yet one of my most viewed. That’s a little concerning to be honest.

Number 3: Assassination Classroom Episode 43


With this one it makes sense that reviews of the show got views but I’m not sure why this particular episode has so many more views than the other ones. It is right before the final sequence so I guess last post you can read before major spoilers, but I’m still not entirely sure about the reason so many people have viewed this post over others in the series.

Number 2: March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 19


This one is a short but sweet recount of an episode I enjoyed, though again, not sure why this post in the series has more views than others. I think understanding the reason why for some of these might help me understand my readers a bit better but at least this post is about the episode it is supposed to be reviewing and it is a very cool show (plus that cat is adorable). To put it another way, this single episode post has 200 more views than the review of season 1 of March Comes in Like a Lion and nearly as many more views than the next best viewed post of this series. Why? I have no idea.

Number 1: Killing Stalking (all posts)

killing1For something I checked out on a whim after seeing a plethora of tweets about the series and reviewed up to chapter (I think) 19, this continues to be a crazily popular draw. Almost every day someone finds my blog by searching for Killing Stalking and I can’t help but feel they will probably end up disappointed given it isn’t exactly my usual material. But every single post on Killing Stalking has made its way fairly high up the list of most viewed posts this year. The top 4 are chapter 3, chapter 1, chapter 4 and chapter 8 and they have more views than any of my other posts. Chapter 3 actually have more views than my first episode review of Yuri on Ice.

It is kind of interesting to look back at what you’ve done and what you wouldn’t do if given another chance. That review of that episode of Interviews with Monster Girls is truly terrible and really should just be deleted. All things considered though, 2017 has been another fun year on the blog and my first full year blogging given I started during 2016.

Wishing everyone a great New Year and looking forward to reading some great posts in 2018.

Thanks for reading.

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Karandi James.


8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Blog Posts in 2017

  1. Why are these all the posts I haven’t read other than March Comes In Like A Lion and YOI. Where was I? I’m going to check them out tomorrow.
    Killing Stalking is something I have wanted to check out but at the same time, the themes are something that makes me very uncomfortable. I’m attracted to it as much as I’m repelled by it. Yet, it’s so popular that it makes me wonder a lot.

    1. I was wondering about Killing Stalking and I am glad I checked it out. At the same time, I took a break at chapter 19 and haven’t gone back because it was starting to wear thin. You can only shock and horrify the audience so many times before it loses impact. But yeah, it is a little disturbing.
      As to why you haven’t read the posts, that’s probably normal. I put out a lot of content so while I may get to 200 views a day at the moment, some posts only pick up twenty or thirty views before disappearing into the backlog.

    1. I just wish I knew why some of these posts have such a high view count and why other posts that I think are pretty good barely get any. I guess this will be a fun little mystery for me to consider for next year.

  2. Happy Holidays Karandi-san!
    I personally enjoyed the whole review of Our Love has always been 10 cm Apart a lot!

    This month’s favourite for me though, has been the two Vampire Knight reviews.
    Thanks for the great content Karandi-san, hope you have a great week!

    1. Glad you liked the Vampire Knight reviews. I kind of had fun revisiting the show as it had been awhile and as much as I like to make fun of certain elements of the show, it is one of those shows that kind of grows on you the more you watch it.

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