Tuesday’s Top 5: Bleach Characters

Tuesday's Top 5

Much like my Top 5 Sailor Scouts, it was kind of inevitable that I’d eventually do a list for Bleach. It seemed reasonable for my first Bleach list to focus on just my top 5 favourite characters from the show. That said, those of you who have followed my blog for a while will already know my 1 and 2 as they’ve appeared in other lists before (but the question is which order did I put them in when I made this list). The thing is, with such a huge cast, narrowing this list down was actually kind of difficult.

Please Note – There are spoilers below. You have been warned.

Honourable mentions go to Rukia Kuchiki, Renji Abarai, Ulquiorra, Aizen, Grimmjow Jaggerjack, and Urahara.

Number 5:  Soi Fon

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that Soi Fon’s personality stinks, but as a character she’s kind of fun. Her desperate and clingy nature early on disguised very thinly by loathing for Yoruichi eventually passed and what we have is a fairly capable leader who isn’t above underhanded methods if it means success. Also, her weapon is fairly interesting even in a show full of strange and interesting weapons. Not the ridiculously large and overpowered kind, hers requires a lot of skill and precision to maximise the effect (okay, later they go for ridiculously large but it is Bleach). It lends itself to a different kind of battle and that makes Soi Fon stand out from the crowd. Possibly the worst thing for Soi Fon though is she is a background character and that means that she doesn’t win all that many fights. That must be all manner of frustrating for a perfectionist like her.

Number 4: Hollow Ichigo

So much cooler and more interesting than Ichigo on most occasions, Ichigo’s Inner Hollow is hilarious and terrifying (usually at the same time). Whether he is taunting Ichigo inside, giving him vague clues to his power, or just taking over and over-powering Ichigo’s enemies, an appearance by Hollow Ichigo is always exciting and definitely entertaining. Sorry Ichigo, but I spent a lot of my time watching Bleach wishing Hollow Ichigo would take over for awhile.

Number 3: Yoruichi

Right, given my thing for cats and strong female characters, this one was kind of a give-away. Yoruichi enters Bleach in cat form but later reveals her female form to Ichigo (and in true anime fashion isn’t too picky about how much of her he sees). Anyway, Yoruichi, other than being the object of Soi Fon’s obsession,  among many other titles was once known as the Goddess of Flash and she is pretty amazing. Actually, I spent a lot of time wondering why Yoruichi and Urahara needed Ichigo at all given the two of them together seem pretty unstoppable. That said, she’s an amusing character and seems a bit flippant at times, but when the battle is on she is all business.

Number 2: Uryu Ishida

I said in my post about Top 5 Characters Who Wear Glasses that Ishida was second only to my number 1 choice when it came to Bleach characters. It isn’t hard to see why.  He thinks and strategizes, has an array of interesting attacks, continues to evolve and get stronger throughout the series and is quite amusing at times because he plays the straight man in a show full of crazy people. My one complaint is that Ishida is not the main character so his plans fall apart (usually through Ichigo racing in and doing something stupid), his attacks regularly don’t finish an enemy (because then what would Ichigo do), and all his evolution seems to be for nothing when the series continues to take the best moments away from him. That said, I’ll still put him as number 2 on my list.

Number 1: Toshiro Hitsugaya

It had to be. I already gave him a rave review when I did my Top 5 Cool Users of Ice Magic (amazingly Hitsugaya didn’t top the list but that is mostly because while Hitsugaya does in fact use ice he isn’t exactly relying on magic). Hitsugaya is an amazing character. He’s serious and hardworking and has an incredibly cool sword. Add to it his complete freak out when his childhood friend was in danger and just how scary he can look when angry and you have a truly fantastic character. Did I mention his sword? I’m sorry, his sword (which he carried on his back due to its length), allows him to control water and ice and he can use water in the air to regenerate his bankai (which is interesting), he can create ice pillars to encase his enemies, make a shield out of ice and so on and so forth. It’s a highly versatile weapon compared to the hack and slash some of the characters in this show are saddled with. Hitsugaya, can we get a spin off show just about you, please?

So that’s my list but I’d love to hear from other Bleach fans who they would have put on their lists. And yes, I know I left Ichigo off my list. That was a deliberate choice and not an oversight.

39 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Bleach Characters

        1. I mean how can you compare a character like Mayuri with someone like Kenpachi? They are both awesome (and terrifying) but in completely different ways.

  1. Man it’s hard to cut Bleach to your top 5. All the Soul reapers are so awesome.

    Byakuya Kuchiki: I know early on we don’t see much of him. He seems like a cold fish but he really isn’t. He just hides it very well. He really shines in the Zanpukto tales where he must go fight the ancient shame of his clan Kouga. There is he keeps his word to his teacher and grandfather and fights with everything he has. Plus we got to see young teen Byakuya playing Flash Step”tag” with Yoichi. It was awesome.

    Senbonzakura: OK this is kind of cheating. But once he is separated from Byakuya’s soul during the Zapukto Tales it is awesome to see Byakuya’s inner self. He is calm and collected on the outside but beneath that veneer he is a real hothead.

    Zabimaru/Renji: This might also be cheating since it is technically the Twin Souls of Monkey and Snake. Still it’s awesome to see them challenge Renji into getting them back. It’s even more when they are just doing slice of life stuff like shopping new pairs of glasses or talking to Senbonzakura. Serious this trio is comedy gold.

    Hyorinmaru/ Hitsugaya: What can I say about these two I haven’t already said in my article. it’s another case of learning about a Soul reaper’s past and his true nature. It is also fantastic to see that fully matured Hitsugaya will one day be as powerful as the Head Captain.

    Sode no Shirayuki/Rukia: Rukia’s true self is very pretty and refined. Very unlike the one we see on the show. It’s fascinating to see them interact and fight. Fascinating that she is the exact opposite of Byakuya. She acts hot headed and lets her temper get away but on the inside she is calm and cool. It seems Byakuya is the opposite.

  2. I’m impressed you managed to keep to 5! Awesome list. Thanks for sharing. I would say my top 5 but I doubt I could keep it to 5 😂

      1. It’s such a big and constant cast. It amazes me that so many characters actually had depth and weren’t just there to move the plot along

  3. Can’t argue with this list but I have a total crush on Chad and I adore Kukaku Shiba, and Kenpachi is just awesome, so I’d have to shoehorn them in somewhere 🙂

      1. That’s true, he does take an increasingly diminished role as is basically interchangeable in the last few series.

  4. Top 5:
    5. Toshiro
    4. Rukia
    3. Yoruichi
    2. Aizen
    1. Byakuya

    I did also love Hollow Ichigo/ Zangetsu but I think we didn’t see enough of him. As for Ichigo, I thought he was very awesome during the Soul Society arc but he kinda got boring after that.

  5. Great list. Your top two picks couldn’t be anyone else. It’s easy to see why they’re up there, though.

    I guess my top 4 would be

    1. Nemu
    2. Rukia
    3. Renji
    4. Hisagi

    (I totally agree that Ichigo is a hard sell to put on this list. He’s…just so boring)

    1. Like your top 2. I kind of avoided the villainous characters but those two would be definitely be on my list (and eventually I probably will do a top 5 villains of Bleach). Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m still trying to watch this show – so many shows to watch so little time!
    Also, now I’m inspired to do a top 5 list of my own for certain series! 😀

  7. I lost interest in Bleach after the Bount arc, but I love Uryu and always thought it was super annoying he wasn’t the main character because he was way better than Ichigo. Really don’t like Ichigo. Here’s my list:

    5. Uryu
    4. Rukia
    3. Renji
    2. Yoruichi
    1. Byakuya (zomg I love him I always have a soft spot for this character type)

    1. Yeah, Ishida would have made a much better main character.
      Byakuya? Fair enough. While I found him interesting enough he just didn’t have enough personality to compete with the other high energy characters in this show for me.

      1. True true. I just love those characters that are all stoic but have a lot of layers to them. He does tend to get unnoticed due to how high energy most of the other characters are though.

  8. I haven’t actually watched Bleach except for a few random episodes that were on TV years ago. I’ve been meaning to and this list definitely makes me want to, but to be honest, I’m a little intimidated by the length.

    1. Just watch the first three seasons (to episode 63). It’s more or less a complete story (with only one major unresolved point) and is usually the part I rewatch when I’m not in the mood to work through the whole thing. If you make it that far you can decide whether your happy there or whether you want to continue on. The other thing you can do after that point is skip any filler seasons (quite a few lists online identify which seasons are skippable).

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