Tuesday’s Top 5: Anniversary Special – Top 5 Blog Posts


As part of the 1 year anniversary special posts, my Top 5 this week looks at my favourite 5 posts that I have written since starting the blog. By favourite I am looking at the posts I had fun writing or discussing and I’ll explain my reasons in the list below. This was an enormously hard list to narrow down but I had a great time revisiting old posts (and flinching a little at just how many typos I let slip through particularly when I’m tired).

I’d love to know which post you liked the most on my site or what you would like to see more (or less) of. Please feel free to comment below.

Please Note – There are no spoilers this week.

Honourable mentions this week go to:

Number 5: Natsume Yuujincho Series Review


This one is actually a review of the first 4 seasons of Natsume after I did a rewatch in preparation for season 5’s release last year. I genuinely love Natsume as an anime and I really enjoy writing about it so this post was just really fun to write as it made me think about all those moments in the show that made me smile and the reasons I loved it so much. Admittedly, this isn’t the most critical of reviews and could probably use a do-over at some point, but that’s fine. I’ll take the excuse to revisit Natsume any day.

Number 4: Friday’s Feature – On Overpowered MC’s


This post was kind of written in protest to the ongoing criticism of shows that the MC was overpowered. I happen to like strong and competent main characters so simply telling me that the main character is crazy strong is not actually going to deter me from watching or enjoying a show. While I respect the opinion that many people have that an overly strong main character does take some tension from certain parts of the narrative, I feel this feature kind of points out why a blanket declaration that overpowered MC’s are bad is probably not the best approach to take either. Anyway, it was fun to write simply because I just wanted to get that idea out there and feel I’d had my say on the issue.

Number 3: Assassination Classroom Episode 46


Okay, don’t click on the link if you are worried about spoilers for Assassination Classroom. This is the second last episode and there’s a clear spoiler warning on the post for a reason. This was a post I had to write. No filter, no rewrite, just get the words down. The episode hit me that hard emotionally I just had to get it out and writing the post really helped in stepping back from the events and thinking about the show a little bit more objectively.

Number 2: Friday’s Feature – Beneath the Squeals What is Driving Yuri on Ice Fans


While I could easily have filled this list with my Top 5 Yuri on Ice posts I decided to limit myself to just one and of all the episode reviews, lists, discussions and features that have focussed on Yuri on Ice, this is my favourite. The show hadn’t ended but it gave me a chance to reflect on what was actually drawing me into this show (amazingly enough good looking anime guys isn’t actually enough of a reason for me to keep watching a show – not that it hurts). Anyway, mostly I just loved writing about this anime and there are probably more Yuri On Ice themed posts in my future.

Number 1: Tuesday’s Top 5: Totally Narcissistic Characters


Okay, this list was never intended to be taken seriously but it list my favourite narcissists from anime. It was great fun to write and some of these characters are hilarious. This may not be the best post I’ve written, but as I said at the start this list was about posts I had fun writing. I must admit, the more odd my list topic is, the more fun I have writing it.

Over to you: Which posts or topics do you like on 100 Word Anime? What don’t you like so much?

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8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anniversary Special – Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. That overpowered MCs post was a great read. It’s nice to have an MC that isn;t brooding or has some super flaw that isn’t exploited every episode every now and then.

    1. It would get boring if every MC was incredibly powerful but the occasional one can be a nice change from the brooding, flawed or the weak but getting stronger standards.

  2. Great trip down memorylane this one. I really liked the over powered post and the totally narcissistic character list. That last post was so funny. I sometimes take a look back at my older posts and it is really fun to see how a blog changes over a year.
    As mentioned earlier I think your blog was really one of the first blogs I came across when I started, so it is cool to see that I actually remember quite a few of these posts. This was a really nice roundup indeed 😀

    1. I’m glad that you remembered some of these posts and I’m really glad you’ve been following the blog for as long as you have (I don’t remember exactly when I ran into your blog or you ran into mine, but I know it has been a great year swapping comments).

  3. Your writing has improved so much since i first started following you. You have really come into your own as writer, you have a voice that is all your own.

    Keep up the hardwork and don’t forget that keep having fun as well. Its easy to get sweep away while going through the motions of creating.

    1. Thanks for your support. In preparation for this week I’ve been reading through a lot of my older posts and even I can see that in just a year my writing has changed quite a bit (mostly for the better). It really has been a very fun year and hopefully I continue to love writing the blog.

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