Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vacation Spots

Tuesday's Top 5

You know sometimes when you are watching an anime and you realise how much you would love to travel more and see more places and experience more things? I get that feeling a lot though regularly it isn’t for places that actually exist and most of the time I think if I ever actually went there  I would probably die. However, I’ve decided to put together my top 5 vacation spots picked from watching various anime. Here I go on my fantasy tour of 5 places from anime I’d love to visit.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mentions: Anywhere in Japan from almost any anime.

Number 5: Piffle World (Tsubasa Chronicles)

Tsubasa Chronicles

I know, it is a really silly name, but I loved this world when I was watching Tsubasa. While so many of the worlds they visited were pseudo medieval either westernised or Japanese, Piffle World was a futuristic city world with flying cars and it just looked like a lot of fun. It wasn’t so far removed from our own technological level that it was incomprehensible, but it felt a few generations ahead of us. What I really appreciated was that despite the sheer amount of industrialisation and traffic, somehow the air and sky were beautifully clear. It might be a fantasy but balancing technology without polluting the skies has a lot of appeal. Okay, Sakura may have helped sell this world a bit as she looked truly adorable.

Number 4: Aincrad (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Online - Aincrad

Needless to say this is after Kirito defeated the game and released all the players and the game was rebuilt without the whole death trap aspect. Let’s be real, Aincrad is a beautiful world. Each level has its own look and feel so you can take your pick of scenery, there’s plenty of variety in the creatures to fight, and it is a fair world in that the rules are what they are (unless you have the power of love in which case go crazy). I would definitely love to visit this world (just got to keep checking that the log out button exists).

Number 3: Future Japan (The Irregular at Magic High School)

The Irregular at Magic Highschool

When looking at future versions of the world there are a lot of dystopian, after civilisation have ended type stories, and realistically Irregular fits right in with those, but I just love the way they’ve blended magic and technology in their vision of the future. It is like the best combination of sci-fi and fantasy to produce something that feels wholly unique and yet fits with what we know from those genres. As to the world itself, I’m not entirely sure it is safe, but just the thought of being able to try out some magic with technological aide is enough to make me at least want to visit.

Number 2: Kyoto (The Eccentric Family)

The Eccentric Family Season 1

Oh look, it is an actual real location coming it at number 2. And The Eccentric Family isn’t the only anime that has sold me on Kyoto. My first trip to Japan I got to Osaka but didn’t have time for Kyoto and I really regret that and my second trip I went north from Tokyo so didn’t get near Kyoto then either. If you’ve never seen the Eccentric Family, it is a wonderful blending of folklore with modernity in a way that just made me really intrigued to see the place it was set and while I imagine it won’t look all that much like the anime, I’m hoping that the anime has captured some of the feel of the real location.

Number 1: The Moon Kingdom (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Moon - The Moon Kingdom

Much like Aincrad, I am putting the explanation in here that I want to visit the Moon Kingdom prior to it being destroyed. It looks gorgeous. Admittedly I’m not so sure about the whole lack of atmosphere, change in gravity thing, but you know the anime didn’t worry about small details like that so I’m not sure I should be all that concerned either. Parties, gardens, fountains, great food, fireworks; these all feature heavily in flash backs of the Moon Kingdom prior to its destruction and it looks like a great time.

I’d love to know where you would like to take a vacation and which anime you saw it in so leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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29 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top 5: Anime Vacation Spots

  1. Interesting choices.

    As for myself, I haven’t given this idea really any thought until now. Which is to say I still don’t have a clue as to what anime worlds/locations I would hypothetically like to visit would be.

    The ideal place(s) would likely involve:

    – high activity/entertainment possibilities (i.e. Pokémon, No Game No Life)
    – some kind of novelty I can’t get in the real world (i.e. mechs from mecha anime)
    – low level of life-threatening danger* (Log Horizon; can just respawn if killed)
    – strong potential for growth (i.e. Hunter x Hunter)
    – pleasant people I can get along with (i.e. Barakamon)
    – beautiful scenery (i.e. Spice & Wolf, Aria)
    – delicious food (i.e. Food Wars!)

    I guess I did have a few examples to work it. Now if only there was a place that perfectly aligned with all the conditions. Would it be as heavenly as I imagine it being though?

    1. I like your list of requirements though. If you figure out where it is that has all of the above (especially the low level of life threatening danger) let me know because it sounds like a great vacation to me.

  2. This is going to sound weird, but I love the idea of exploring old or abandoned buildings, so I think I’d most enjoy visiting the school from Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, or Library Island from Negima.

    1. No, I think that sounds really fun. I’d probably like some assurances that the building was structurally sound but one of my preferred things to do when travelling is to visit ruins and old buildings that are open for the public to meander through. They are always kind of fun.

  3. Yeah, as Wing point out… Vacation implies certain things. For me, my impulsive top choice would be Kissuisō (Hanasaku Iroha). Maybe a side trip to Nagarekawa (Locodol) would be in order too. (IRL, I find spending a few hours checking out small towns as much fun as big cities.)

    Aincrad though… I wouldn’t want to vacation there, I’d want to play the game! Though by that I mean the Alfheim Online version, I have no interest in the death game.

    1. Playing the game would be like a vacation. I tend to do more physical activities on vacation than normal so playing a game like SAO would fit right in with my usual things to do when not working.

      1. I see, we have opposite approaches. When I play an MMO, it becomes a place where I live and work. As paradoxical as it sounds (since living and working in those places are fun, else I wouldn’t do it), that means they become places I take vacations to get away from…

  4. I would love to travel more. In fact…I only have to conquer my fear of flying that I have had for oh….about 42 years and I can finally do that 😂😂
    Well…I was very glad to ofcourse see the SAO world featured in this…as that out of all animes is probably the one I would love to visit the most. And then there is a world that probably not a lot of people would pick: Psychopass’ Future. I have always loved Bladerunner type of shows…and I don’t know it’s just something I would love to see.

    1. I’m hoping you want to see it from inside of some sort of protective bubble because it seems like it would be a stressful place to visit and being stressed would get you flagged and then we know it is going to end badly.

      1. Haha…I had not even thought about that 😂😂 Good idea. Now…off to go and find if they have some place where they sell interdimensional travelling devices and protective bubbles. Shouldn’t be too hard to find right? 🤔🤔😂😂

  5. If you like SAO’s world, you should check out the games if you have a chance! They feature lovely realisations of the various “game worlds”, plus some extra stuff you don’t see in the anime.

  6. To me a great vacation means three things: food, fun, and relaxation. For food, I can’t think of a better place to visit than Totsuki, especially around Moon Banquet Festival time. For fun, I’m heading over to Amagi Brilliant Park, once Kanie’s done getting the place fixed up of course. And for relaxation, I’d love to end my vacation with a gondola ride around Neo Venezia (from Aria).

    1. Tropical beach fronts clearly have their appeal given where most tourist destinations are. For me though I don’t like being in full sun, I don’t like sand, and I really dislike water, so tropical beach front not doing much for me.

  7. Very cool picks!
    I think it’d be neat to visit the “Special Region” from Gate: Jieitai. At the very least, there is a clear way to get there and back from Earth.

    1. That’s actually a great choice, though let’s add that we’ll visit after they are finished with the war and have actually established diplomatic relations with the locals.

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