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Now I would like to note that I don’t think I’d actually do a good job or rewriting the story, but there are anime that I really like to see go in a slightly different direction than what they did. It’s entirely my own personal choices and I’m sure there are viewers out there who like these anime exactly as they are. That said, I am not just picking anime that are terrible but rather anime that are pretty reasonable as they are but just thinking about what personally I would have liked to have seen changed. On recently completing a tag where I was asked what cross over I’d like to see, I started thinking about how I’d like to modify a few anime and so this list was born.

As always, I’d love for you to share your choices and reasons so please leave me a comment below.

Please note, there will be spoilers below.

Honourable mention: Vampire Knight – A little less twilight and a little more of the politics of the vampire world and I probably would have really loved that anime.

Number 5: Chaika Coffin Princess

Chaika is an interesting anime to discuss because it is actually quite a fun watch. However, most of the fun comes from the characters themselves and individually scenarios and action sequences. The over-arching plot is a bit of a mess and is ultimately pretty rushed to a conclusion at the end of season 2. I’d love to see this story redone with the time and attention it needs to really build up the different Chaika’s and their mission as well as the conspiracy and ultimately I’d love to see some of the other factions and groups get more time to feel like real characters rather than simply obstacles to overcome. As much as Chaika is an anime I enjoy, I really think there is a potentially much better story that could be told with a bit of rewriting.

Number 4: Junjo Romantica


Right, so I’m not going to pretend this particular anime is problem free. It is quite a popular title mostly because of the particular niche market it fits into and the absence of other titles that actually get DVD releases outside of Japan in the particularly genre, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues. A number of reviews I’ve read come from people who outright skip episodes focused on one of the three main couples due to those problems. For me the biggest issues come from episode 1 and how the relationship between Misaki and Usagi begins (which is to be honest a criminal act and while it isn’t that explicitly shown the fact that Misaki doesn’t immediately report Usagi leaves a fairly sour taste). And honestly, the power imbalance and the possessiveness shown between this couple right through to season three continues to be a bit of a problem for the show when it is trying to sell it as a true romance. I think though that if that first encounter wasn’t as confrontational and off-putting, the rest of it would be a lot easier to swallow so I’d love that first episode to get a rewrite. It would still be a problematic relationship, but it wouldn’t cross that particular line.

Number 3: Parasyte

Parasyte is one of those anime I really enjoy though for me the second half and then the ending feel very much like the show didn’t quite stick its landing. For all the excitement and tension early on in the show when the parasytes are mysterious and scary and Shinichi is dealing with coming to terms with sharing his body, the second half kind of loses a lot of its emotional tension and by the end when the show drops a save the environment message on the viewers lap it just doesn’t quite have the impact it could. I’d love to see this anime get rid of the super parasyte guy with four (?) parastyes in one body and actually just deal with the issue facing the world of humans being over taken. Rather than ending on a shounen style smack down it would be fantastic to actually just see the ongoing paranoia and fear as people aren’t sure what is going on. I’m not entirely sure how this would work as a show but I’d love to see it.

Number 2: Bleach

I love Bleach. I really do. It has a very special place in my heart when it comes to anime. But realistically I think you could tell the entire actual plot of Bleach in about fifty to sixty episodes if you cut out all the fluff, silliness, and unnecessarily long fight sequences. If we just wrote out the core story points and got rid of the extra characters, subplots, and random asides, we could have a much tighter, much more thrilling story and one that never felt bloated or weighed down. If anyone makes a Bleach abridged story, I’m totally in.

Number 1: Kado The Right Answer

Anyone who followed my reviews of this one will know how disappointed I was with the ending of this show. I really loved the set up and I was so into the story and then it decided to go for a standard fight sequence and a defeat the bad guy ending (with a time travelling daughter thrown in just for laughs I suppose). It was somewhat devastating to watching a show I’d really gotten excited for become something so standard and while it isn’t actually as bad as it sometimes feels, I’d love for this show to be rewritten with a different ending.

So those are the top 5 anime I’d like to rewrite (or see rewritten). What would be on your list and how would you change it?

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55 thoughts on “Top 5: Anime That I’d Like To Rewrite

  1. Give me one year and a laptop and I will write a better version of Shinmai Maou No Testament. Just put me in coach, I will make that story into the masterpiece of our time god dammit!

  2. The only reason that I haven’t watched Bleach yet is the sheer number of episodes. So I’m guessing a shorter version for it, would definitely help 😊 And well, you already know my thoughts on Kado, so totally agree.
    As for me…It owuld be Black Clover I guess…make Asta’s character not such a shouter, and it could actually turn into a worthwhile show…well…at least I think it could 😊

    1. Is the Bleach movie available where you are? I have a review of the Netflix movie coming out tomorrow and I actually really enjoyed it. It covers the main events of season one of Bleach and while it isn’t following the anime strictly, I actually think this is what I wanted in cutting down some of the length of the show.

      1. It is! I saw it make an appearance somewhere last week, and if you say it’s fun I might actually start watching that one as well today. As this does sound quite interesting honestely if it’s still being able to capture the spirit of the anime. Cool! Thanks for the recommendation. 😊

        1. I’m not sure how other fans are taking to it, but I thought it was quite well done (then again, I went in with really low expectations and ended up pleasantly surprised). I went so far as to say on Twitter this is possibly my favourite live action adaptation yet.

          1. Wow, really? Okay…Now I just HAVE to see this 😊 Guess, after catching up with some posts from the others and finally publishing my Violet Evergarden post, I’m going to watch that one today. Always nice when you have no real plans in a vacation anyway 😂😂

          2. Well..I usually do, but honestly I don’t have a lot of problems with live action anime adaptations. If you havent’ seen those yet, I also highly recommend the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy live action films. They are really awesome 😊

          3. They are on my list of films to get to eventually but I’ve never seen them. Still, generally I do hear very positive buzz about them.

  3. You couldn’t be more right on the Bleach one. With all the unnecessary long fights and over 150 episodes in fillers, the anime could’ve brought so much more. The ending was completely out of the way (although I personally enjoyed it) and I feel they couldv’e done so much more i.e. maybe continue the anime instead of the abrupt ending.

  4. I would say the ending of Claymore needs a reworking, otherwise the real answer is every show that begins with a cool premise then spends 10 episodes doing typical anime stuff (beach trips, school festivals, etc) before concluding the story. Unfortunately that covers a LOT of shows…. :-/

  5. Oh dang, I’m about half way through Parasyte right now so I’m kind of nervous about it.

    Yes, Kado really needed some help at the end.

    Definitely feel like Knights’ and Magic needs to me remade. Just add another cour so we can develop the world and everything else out better.

    1. I resolved not to just throw shows on here that need an entire rewrite and Knights’ and Magic definitely falls into that category. Great ideas, absolutely terrible execution. Start over.
      Parasyte is great fun. While the ending isn’t quite what I’d like, the series as a whole works. It isn’t as bad as the ending of Soul Eater that I’ve already mentioned several times I’d like to totally see remade.

  6. I agree with your changes for Chaika, and Parasyte. Those two anime I did end up enjoying, and in both I also felt the second half was weaker when compared to the first. I doubt either of them will get a new anime, but Bleach seems more possible than anything else on the list.

    One of the animes I would change is My Hero Academia, and Sword Art Online. For My Hero Academia I would simply make Deku the Japanese Batman where he use his notes, and brains more in the story. Inventing gadgets to combat every enemy he faces, and coming up with new strategy.

    For SAO it would simply be making Asuna an AI. It was mentioned in the series that was a program to help players cope with their anxiety. It would make for one heck of a twist, and it would allow a new possibility with Kirito struggling to escape gaming because of his attachment to Asuna. It’s a minor change, but I that’s the direction I would have taken it.

    1. Asuna being an AI would definitely give Kirito a reason to choose to stay in the game world. I’m not sure I’d be thrilled with that, but I could see it working.

        1. I think you would have a few supporters behind changing Gainax Ending shows. Actually, I know it isn’t Gainax but it certainly fits their ending style, I’d love to see Future Diary altered a little. Not too much, there’s actually some good ideas there, but the ending goes just that little bit too far.

          1. For a lot of people who didn’t like the Future Diary ending, supposedly, the OVA fixed that. Have you seen that? I haven’t but I’ll blind recommend you it based on what people say about it.

  7. I have to go back to A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd for this one. I said all the way back when it aired that if I was writing the story, I would’ve scrapped the whole subplot about Nagi Kodachi being Kakei’s long-lost sister. For me, the most compelling plotline in that whole series was when it looked like Nagi was falling in love with him, and given the nature of what shepherds are, it seemed to be setting up a situtation absolutely fraught with emotional conflict and hard choices. After she kissed him at the end of episode 7, I really hoped we’d get to see that arc develop, since I could see so many possibilities for delicious emotional conflict and a dramatic and bittersweet ending. The reveal that they were related not only ruined that whole potential plotline (which would have been so much more interesting than the cheesy B-plot they shoehorned in with the student council VP instead), but since I was sure they weren’t making an incest show, it also sucked all the suspense right out of the budding Kakei-Shirasaki-Nagi love triangle at the same time.

    1. True enough. Some reveals just don’t help the plot at all and given the timing of that one it just kind of means there isn’t a lot left to get into with the story.

  8. Ever think about writing some fanfic to fix the endings you described? introduced me to, and it seems like a well run site. I’d love to see your take on on Chaika, Bleach, or Kado!

    Plus, if you can save Bleach, you’d really make a name for yourself! I gave up in the 8th season due to fatigue. I never did recover from the Bount… But I always loved the music!

    1. Bleach: I read a bunch of the manga, but could hardly get five episodes into the anime. But the music is great and I listen to it regularly!

    2. The music of Bleach is amazing and it has some of the best OP’s ever as well as just a great sound track.
      I don’t tend to write fanfic because I don’t really feel comfortable using someone else’s character (that and I’d probably do a hack job of it and feel really bad about it). Still, I’ve been tempted to try KADO because to be honest I really loved the premise and just felt so crushed with how that developed.

  9. Would absolutely like to see Chaika and Parasyte rewritten, as both suffer from rushed/borderline incompetent endings. I think Parasyte has more potential with all that came before that, but Chaika could do with some more character complexity.

    I’d personally like to see Erased rewritten a little bit, especially with how the ending of that turned out. In fact… yeah, I don’t even remember how it ends, so I guess either I’m suppressing it or it didn’t strike me. I’d also like Allison to Lillia cut in half.

    1. I don’t mind the ending of Erased, but yeah it could be improved. I found the ending in the live action series to be a bit more solid than the anime though the character performances were certainly not great (and the fake beard was a bit hard to take).

  10. I would love to see Rideback turned into a sports anime, no terrorists. The few races they did with this show as a sports anime, in the first 3 eps, were interesting and fun and showed off the technology and the charm of the high school sports team having to tune up and repair these things, and having to fiddle with control systems and engines.

    I’d like to see Robotics;Notes drop the conspiracy and turn it all into a LARP connected to the phones using the GPS systems and AR for content in the snipe hunt, with story elements leading to more story elements rather than a murder plot. Just a game on the island created by some artistic guy. That would have been a MUCH better anime, and would have been a lot more creative.

    As for Bleach, one should stop watching right after the Rukia-Rescue arc. There’s more after that, but its not very good. And I watched a couple years worth after that so I know. The good bits, like you said, could be a lot compressed.

    1. I didn’t even remember what Robotics;Notes did. I watched it but honestly I’ve forgotten almost everything about it so I don’t doubt the story could be much improved.
      With Bleach, I often tell people hesitant about watching it that you can stop watching at the end of season three. It is a nice end point for the whole save Rukia goal and even though there’s a clear loose end, it isn’t a bad ending to a story. That said, there are a few really great ideas after that point, the whole thing just gets too bloated. Savage editor needed on that one.

      1. Robotics;Notes had three plots, and two of them were good. One was the snipe hunt, where the characters went to specific locations following clues from the last one, and the phone unlocked files through its GPS location data as the key, and the cipher linked to a server somewhere on the internet. In the anime, it lead to a conspiracy that got some of them killed. The next plot was tied to a video game the hero played on his phone, and he was a champion. He eventually finds out the programmer lives on the island and she’s a blonde shutin hacker, who’s either frightening or charming, or both. The third bit is the club he belongs to with his gf, the robot fighter club, which makes little junk robots like robot-tanks or rhumbas with little hammers or drills and competes in a small ring making them defeat each other, like those games from Discovery channel. Programming and building them, within the rules, made for competition and an excuse to travel a bit.

    2. Also: I agree that Chaika could have been a lot better. It had a lot of potential with the evil overlord, the floating islands, and would have crossed over nicely with certain similar shows.

    3. I didn’t have problems with Rideback turning into a not-sports anime, but I didn’t feel like the presentation of it was done well. When I think of something that mixes sports and politics, I tend to think of movies like Rollerball (the 70s version, not the garbage remake) or The Running Man, and with those stories it’s made obvious that the two are going to be inescapably intertwined right from the start. Rideback could have been another interesting story of sports and politics intersecting, but it never did a good job of bringing those two story threads together.

      1. I take it you never saw Semi-Tough? It has Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristopherson, back when they were leading men in sports movies. Rideback would be very different if the war veteran was more of an outgoing masculine curmudgeon instead of the responsible coach he was.

          1. Semi-Tough is a parody of sports teams and compares them directly to cults, such as EST, which was a scam that took large sums of money from people and then forced them to pee their pants in day long meetings while telling them to be jerks to everyone for their own advantage. And yes, that was in the movie, and yes that’s how the actual cult actually worked. Good news is the place burned down in the Napa-Santa Rosa fires last year. Bad news is they were ripping people off for decades with the same scam. At least it wasn’t religion, it was just teaching them to be jerks to win. So pretty much like every real estate agent ever.

  11. Hmmm, in no particular order:

    1. Darling in the FranXX – just change everything about those final few episodes.

    2. Fate/stay night – unify elements from all three routes but not make it boring like the 2006 DEEN version; make the connection to Zero stronger.

    3. Guilty Crown – almost the same case as Darling.

    4. Sword Art Online – had it focused more on Aincrad; done away with the harem stuff, and really expanded on Kirito and Asuna’s relationship, I would’ve liked the show.

    5. Persona 4 the Animation – Actually thought this was pretty good but I would’ve choreographed the action better and not skim over so much character development.

    I also think Bleach would’ve better if it was more succinct. A shame because I really dug the manga. I wouldn’t mind seeing a DBZ Kai treatment of the anime (and with the final stinking arc no less).

    1. I seriously considered throwing Darling on the Franxx on this list, but I’ve only watched it once and so I’m giving it the mental benefit of the doubt that when I watch it a second time it will be better than my first impression. That said, I kind of hear your point on that one loudly and clearly.
      With SAO, I’m a fan of the show, but if I seriously look at what it needs, honestly it just needs to end at the first arc. Give it maybe five or six more episodes than the first arc currently has to flesh out a few points, and just let the show end when they escape the game. Admittedly, that means no more of the characters and I’m actually really looking forward to the new season, but in terms of what would make it the best story it could be, giving it that clear ending would be the best thing.
      Thanks for sharing your choices. It was really interesting to think about.

      1. Even as someone who doesn’t like SAO, Alicization sounds kind of interesting to me. I just don’t know if I really want to catch up.

        I actually think continuing the story after the first arc could’ve worked. Like if the story was primarily on Kirito and Asuna’s relationship and how it evolves after surviving Aincrad, that would’ve been interesting. Adding more harem options and shrugging off the effects of a game that literally killed people ruined a lot of the enjoyment for me.

        1. I agree. Shrugging off the effects and continuing to focus on what was happening in other games rather than on the characters that had survived is probably one of the bigger issues with the sequels.

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